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Topic: Bad Luck At Work. and Fengshui

Navigation: My Adviser (Geomancy Forum) » Discuss :: General Help

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Topic (1/1):
Bad Luck At Work. and Fengshui Read 2764 times

Rank: FS Newbie
Location: Unknown
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Joined: Dec 2003
Posted in: Discuss :: General Help
Posted on: Tue, 18 Oct 2011, 21:13 PM,
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Bad luck at work. Anonymous
Dear Masters

Last August I had a big argument with my Manager, She's 29(rooster year) and expecting a baby in December. I am a 51 yr old rat, and my boss is a 43 yr old Monkey.

The problem did not blown out of proportion between Manager and me, until the Boss brought us in to his office to slove the problem. He told the Manager that I had complained about her(which I didn't) and vice versa.
The whole mediation did not go well and there were still issues that need his attention, but he is sweeping this under the carpet.

Till today my relationship with my manager has gone beyond repair and that my boss had instigated and used this to his advantage. 

He will gain both ways as the manager resigns, he dont have to pay her maternity leave and bonus, whereas for me, he don't have to pay salary and bonus.

How do we deal with this cunning, without compassion boss.

Please help.



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