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Topic: We can use the `cul de sac' to our advantage, 1 Attachments
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 4/27/2002 08:57 PM

Dear Fran,

1. Frankly, it is difficult to advise you based on a few descriptions.

2. Perhaps, if you have a photo taken from the cul de sac, showing partially the cul de sac, it would be ideal.

3. This is because, usually where the major `force' hits your home, this is the vulnerable area. And if the vulnerable area is a wall, this is quite OK.

4. But if it `hits' say the main door directly or a window of the house, then, a cure should be used.

5. Even if it hits the house, but if the house is angled, this should not be an issue.

6. Let me illustrate a serious cul de sac situation.

Please refer to the attached layout plan (not available to those who listen in using a mailing list).

In this attached diagram:-

1. Houses on the left side of the cul de sac faced a `serious threat' because the road for the cul de sac is on the `right side'.

2. If one looks carefully at the cul de sac in the illustration, one can see a top-view `sickle' or `chinese butcher' knife carving into Plot 1 and the plot below Plot 1.

3. When we design houses for a cul de sac, we would normally design it as shown i.e. the house layout as per Plot 1.

4. Here, the edge of the house at Plot 1 will counter-act the `sha qi' from the cul de sac.

5. Facing the main door parallel as shown in the layout, eliminates the threat to the main door.

6. A further brick wall on the side of the house will `take-on' the "knife-blade" of the cul de sac.

Thus, in this layout plan, there is relatively no-need to use any ba gua mirror.

7. In fact, if we can properly tame the cul de sac, we can contrary to popular belief, collect exceptional wealth.

8. For example, this cul de sac is considered as a metal element because of two `ingredients' i.e.

8.1 it is circular representing metal element.
8.2 from a top-view it looks like a chinese butcher knife. And symbolically knifes are always made of some kind of metal.

9. Thus, the rationale for a brick wall, in particular the use of red clay brick wall, (unpainted) simply red clay brick walls represent `Fire element'.

10. When, this cul de sac `chinese butcher' knife hits this wall, it is a combination of metal with fire.

Under the five elements concept:-

fire -> controls -> metal

11. So far, we had the opportunity to work with our clients to build houses of such nature and so far, many of the houses especially in such a serious situation as shown in the illustration, has been good.

Sometimes, when we all think that cul de sac are totally bad, is wrong. If we can `tame' the elements, we can take charge of the situation.

12. In the above, example, that is why, based on your simple description, a ba gua does not necessarily mean a good option. It depends.

Warmest Regards,

On 4/27/2002 2:06:00 PM, Fran Lim wrote:
>My driveway is facing a cul de
>sac. Should I put a pakua
>mirror to prevent bad chi? If
>yes, where should I put it?

Click to open!goodhouse-culdesac.gif
Not all houses at cul de sac are bad (15,536 bytes)

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