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Topic: Mirror reflecting stairs
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 5/5/2002 10:06 PM

Dear Julie,

Frankly, there are two considerations here:-

1. Mirrors at staircase landings need not necessarily be bad. One school of thought here is that a mirror at this location can help to `move' Qi up or down the stairs.

2. Another consideration is that a mirror at the wrong wall or sector can bounce back twice the bad luck.

Undera Para 2, if one is not sure, one should not place a mirror on the stair-case landing.

3. In your question, you mentioned that a mirror is facing the stairs, frankly, this is more of a "commonsense approach". Or we can say that this is more of a commonsense type of `Feng Shui'.

3.1 Here, it may become inauspicious because, sometimes we do get a shock especially at night when e.g. going downstairs. And we see a `figure' approaching us.

3.2 This usually applies to guests or even uneventfully, it may affect us, especially when we hear noises downstairs. During such situations, it may just unfortunately happen - fall down the stairs.

In such a situation, we may lose our step and fall down.

In my opinion, this is the rationale why, (not necessarily) Feng Shui that it may not be good to have a mirror facing the stairs.

On 5/1/2002 1:05:00 PM, Julie Bini-Carter wrote:
>I have a mirror in my living
>room that is indirectly
>reflecting the stairs to the
>second level of my home. If
>you stand about 5 feet to the
>left of the mirror, you can
>see the stairs reflected. I
>have heard that a mirror
>reflecting stairs is bad Feng
>Shui. I can move the mirror if
>necessary. What is your
>Thank you.

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