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Topic: Re: Part I - Alternative placement of altar, 1 Attachments
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 5/13/2002 09:12 PM

Dear Wasis,

Please see below:-

On 5/8/2002 8:16:31 PM, Wasis Sugiono wrote:
>Dear Cecil,
>Thank your for your quick
>response. The altar is used to
>pray to the ancestors. It is
>attached to the wall and 1,8
>meter above the floor.

You can perhaps check whether your altar table meets this criteria. Apologies if it is in inches. But if you are using metric, then it is easily converted.

The standard auspicious measurement for an altar is as follows:-

For a lower altar table:
height: Between 40.5 inches to 44 inches

For a higher altar table:
(This is the most common height)
height: Between 49 inches to 52 inches

Auspicious Width of table:

miminum width: Between 15inches to 19inches

other auspicious width/depth:
Between: 32 inches to 36 inches or
Between: 40.5 inches to 44 inches
Between: 49 inches to 52 inches
Between: 57 inches to 61 inches

It is best to have the altar within the above auspicious dimensions.

Do take note that it is preferred that the altar table is based on a higher height i.e.
height: Between 49 inches to 52 inches.

This is to ensure that children do not accidentally touch the items on the altar.

>As for the cabinet (facing
>outward), we use it to place
>figurines of Gods such as
>Kwan Im, God of Wealth, etc.
>However, they have never been

Since they are not prayed to avoid letting them face directly the main door. They can be tilted to face inwards e.g. to the living room area.

>Please see below:
>> 5. Comments on the various alternatives of the placement of the altar
>> Alternative 1A is inauspicious IF it faces the main door. (From your past
>> message, you mentioned that you may want to tilt the main door entrance. If so,
>> this spot may be considered afterwards.
>Yes, I want to tilt the main
>door from B to A. Fortunately,
>there is a cabinet
>between guest room and living
>room. And the altar is 1,8
>meter above the floor which
>is higher than the basin on
>the opposite wall. Is this

The present location is better since you are intending to tilt the door. If so, the present location is not an issue.

>> Alternative 1B - this is a possibility.
>Well, we already have a
>cabinet on this spot to
>segregate guest room and
>living room.
>> Alernative 2 - this is acceptable location. And it's distinct advantage is that
>> the living room and dining room can be segregated into two `auspicious'
>> rectangular shape.
>> Alternative 3 - is a remote possibility. I say remote because, it would be
>> inauspicious to have the altar face the dining table. If it does not and if the
>> altar is higher than the basin opposite it, then this is a possible location.
>We have TV sets on this spot.
>Can the altar be placed just
>few meters to the left
>which is opposite of the
>current location? The position
>will be at Alternatif 2 but
>facing towards main bedroom.
>By this, the altar doesn't
>face the dinning table and
>bed no. 4. I'd like to add
>also that no basin in the
>dinning room.

Looks like the present location is better than this site. As it is not appropriate to have the altar next to the TV set i.e. this area is no good.

>As for the painting of "8
>Immortals", could you suggest
>where I should place it?
>Thanks in advance.

It is best to avoid placing it on the opposite wall of the toilet bowl as in the present situation.

It is equally bad to have it face the dining table or facing your altar.

From what I can see, there is not much room to place it unless you can place it between this picture and the altar. Attached please find an alternative position (provided it is not facing the main door).

Warmest Regards,

Click to open!placementofaltar.gif
Proposed relocation of 8immortals (25,855 bytes)

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