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Topic: river behind
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 5/16/2002 09:25 PM

Dear Tracy,

Thank you for bring up this interesting question.

1. Stagnant water is always referred to as bad.

For example, it is always considered highly inauspicious if one has a well at the front of the house. It is feared that a well (still water) is `host' for evil spirits.

2. Pagodas were built along water veins. And pagodas were built on sites to neutralise such Sha Qi.

3. Water Feng Shui also considers which direction the water flows.

3.1 In this example, url:

3.2 You will find the statement " For example, two cities in China i.e. Amoy and Canton are situated at this Dragon-Tiger gate. This is where the Yang Dragon of the East is in gentle embrace with the Yin Tiger of the West.

3.3 The Tropica also has the Dragon-Tiger gate on its south-side with the protective hills represented by the apartment blocks at the north side. The clear space with water positions at the south side is in perfect harmony with the horseshoe wall of the apartment blocks acting as the hills. "

3.4 It is said that water flow can be auspicious or inauspicious depending on which direction it flows into the sea. Here, if the direction is favourable, then negative ions abound. Otherwise, it could lead to excessive positive ions.

3.5 In the above example, one can find a situation where the river flow is auspicious:-

From the above site "In addition, it is auspicous as water flows from west to east to Sungei Bedok."

3.6 One should not take into context, a general statement. Because, as I always emphasised, no two sites are the same and we should not stereo-type one statement that fits all situation.

4. More importantly, what is the definition of front and back of the house?

The main door can be at the front. But in many instances, the frontage (or the place where more light comes in) e.g. the living room or balcony can be facing the river you had mentioned.

Therefore, in such a situation, it is perfectly acceptable to have this `frontage' facing the river.

5. The only situation is that in the past, depending on where the river is, upstream etc... it is also subjected to flooding (in times of heavy rain).

6. One therefore, cannot simply come to a conclusion or take a general statement and fit it into your model. In many instances, also a lake has a healthy population of fishers and eco system and in many instances there are also rivers connected to them. Even if they do not have rivers, rainfall, precipitation constantly fall into these water catchment area.

Warmest Regards,

On 5/14/2002 4:24:00 PM, Tracy Wood wrote:
>I just read on your site under
>the landscapes that having a
>river behind your house was
>bad. I had read on another
>site that centuries ago many
>Asians put their houses near
>water because of the water
>element and good chi. I am
>confused?? You can live by a
>lake but not a river? But
>wouldn't the lake be more
>stagnant thus having stagnant

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