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Topic: Re: Direction of Oven (Via Email)
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 6/7/1999 10:26 AM

Dear Laraine,

Before we address your question, you may have to be aware that there are a
few `levels' of Feng Shui analysis:-

1. Very detailed Feng Shui analysis

If a person is new to Feng Shui, he or she may need to consult an
experienced Feng Shui Practioner to address isues such as what you are
facing. Alternatively, if you know how to use the computerised tools here,
with some help, I am confident you can overcome your problems.

The following are the most crucial Feng Shui Theories:-

1. Eight House Theory. I guess you must have already used this to
find your most suitable locations in the house.

Overall, this theory does what it is suppose to do, find out how
suitable are you to the house. Location your best directions.
Other than doing the above, it cannot do more i.e. find a
solution or cure for a particular `problem' .

2. Pillars of Destiny:

The most powerful Feng Shui tool available under the Pillars of
Destiny are:-

1. Knowing your derived element and it's strength. This is used
to fine tune any cures or enhancements.
2. Luck Pillars `season' strength. For example, if you are a
Strong Wood person and so happens that this period happens to be a
water season. Under the 5 elements concept, water strengthens the Strong
Wood and this period is considered inauspicious. So, one should weaken the
Strong Wood under this period.

(The Pillars of Destiny maps out our heaven luck. Although we
cannot change our heaven luck we can understand it better and try to be in
control of our lives).

3. Flying Star of the house

The purpose of the Flying Star is to chart the birth chart of the
house. (While the Eight house looks at the most suitable house), the Flying
Star chart is used to find out in detail the location of auspicious and
inauspicious stars and the interactions between them at any point in time.

This theory is used in conjunction with the Pillars of Destiny
element strength to either enhance or correct bad influences.

4. Shapes and Form School of Feng Shui

In addition to the above, the Shapes and Form of your external
environment, the landscape, the site and the actual home's environment is
very important.

Only when the above four major factors are looked into, can one really
go into utilizing Feng Shui properly in our lives.

Feng Shui is about manipulating Qi and many are mistaken that just
because, under the Eight Aspirations Concept, the North is defined as the
Career sector, we must than enhance it without considering the above four
major factors of Feng Shui.

Put it this way, only when you have done all four of the above and if
you have the luxury and nothing `else' better to do, then you can if you
wish start enhancing e.g. your Romance corner etc...

The reason I mentioned all this is because, changing the direction of
your cooker is " secondary " to the above four major factors. Although the
stove is important, in terms of ranking under Feng Shui, it is one of the
last `few' enhancements. It is more important than the Eight Aspirations
Theory thou.

As for the direction of the stove:-

1. I have posted a recent message on the stove, where e.g. if the stove is
located at the North of the house, it should not face a water position. But
if the stove is located in a South direction, it can face a water position
to `cool it down '.

For those who are interested in reading this message can log into and use the " Search " feature under the forum and
locate the word " stove ". You will then be able to see a list of messages
with the word stove in it. There is also a date stamp next to the successful
searches. You can also do so for any other topics e.g. search for ` fish
tank ' etc...

2. In your case, your stove can be located at your inauspicious location.
It is good to let it face your good direction. For the stove, you should
take the Eight House template of the `wife' rather than the husband as the
`domain' of the kitchen is the husband's.

3. In a message, sometime back, I have mentioned the reason why a
`pure' microwave oven is considered a Metal element. To find out more, you
can also do a search for microwave oven. A mini grill oven should still be
considered a Fire element.

If possible let the cooker face one of your good directions and not your
husband's good direction.

Warmest Regards,

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Date: Monday, June 07, 1999 5:45 AM
Subject: Direction of Oven

>From: "Laraine Duffy"
>This message is sent from "free-advice" Mailing List.
>Help please. My Pa Kua number is 9, my husband's is 8. My main oven opens
to the North West. I also have a microwave oven and a mini/grill oven also
opening in the same North West Direction This is a direction of good fortune
for my husband, but bad fortune for me. I want to move my cooker so it faces
the opposite direction,South East, but it will then become a bad fortune
direction for my husband. The place I want the cooker is the dividing unit
between the kitchen and the breakfast area. There are only these two
directions for the oven, which are opposite each other with the units for
the sink running adjacent to them. What can I do? Since moving into this
house my personal fortunes have been very stagnant with delays and constant
frustrations especially with a long running compensation case (6 years, we
have been in this house for 5 and a half years) If moving my cooker will not
help or make things worse for my husbands fortune, what can I do?

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