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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 9/16/2002 10:50 PM

Dear Anon,

The placement of the stove should be placed based on several `rulesets' and it differs in each layout.

Ideally, under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, it is good to have the stove face inwards of the main door. On landed property, it can still be on a side wall (to maximize the layout plan of a kitchen).

Besides this, other `rulesets' apply:-

1. Where possible, the stove should not face a toilet door

2. It should not be placed with an open window. The wall behind the stove should have a solid backing.

3. where possible (especially if the stove is located at the North compass direction) of the house, it should not face a water position direction (or in line with it).

4. Commonsense approach (Egronomics) in the placement of a stove vs wash basin:-

Please look at the attached illustration:-

For safety reasons (not so much of Feng Shui); the wash basin should preferably be positioned such that after cooking eg. hot utensils can immediately using body motion to swing it towards the stove area to the wash basin. With just a side movement of the body.

This is much preferred over having the wash basin behind you. If so, and if one have small children, one may have to look carefully first (carrying the hot utensil) and bringing it from the stove area, towards the wash basin. This is akin like looking left, right or down to see if anyone is around before bringing the hot utensil to the wash basin.

Usually, under Feng Shui, there are some Feng Shui practitioners who believe that the stove should favour the elements of the breadwinner. Some believe that it should instead favour that of the spouse (wife). While some other Feng Shui practitioners feel that this should be a bad location as it helps to burn away `inasupiciousness'.

Whatever, it is, the concept behind the importance of the stove is that it is considered important as this is the place or that the warmth of the house.

Nowadays, it has to be placed based on many considerations and also safety aspect as mentioned under the illustration. Usually, the placement of the stove is also limietd by the fact that especially apartment buildings have small kitchens. And other limitations include the entrance to the kitchen, the wall opening or window (usually for wash basin) and the passageway to the utility or back area of the house.

Warmest Regards,

On 9/11/2002 11:22:00 AM, Anonymous wrote:
>Hi Cecil,
>I am so confused. I am redoing
>my kitchen. I have a built in
>oven and a cooktop over the
>island. What do you mean when
>you say facing direction. I
>would like to have my cooktop
>facing south so does this mean
>when I cook, I face south?

Click to open!commonsense-stove.gif
Commonsense approach to stove placement (15,796 bytes)

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