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Topic: Correct Placement of Fu Dogs
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 10/2/2002 10:42 AM

Dear Mimi,

1. I am very glad that you are continously learning more about the interesting art of Feng Shui.

2. As it is, learning never ends:)

3. In traditional Feng Shui, there actually two main (pairs of figurines) i.e. either the use of:-

3.1. A pair of Kirin
3.2. A pair of Stone lions or

Therefore, one may have to second guess that most likely, the Fu dogs is associated more with the `Stone Lions' then the kirin (which may inadvertently disrupt harmony within the home.) Please refer to the information below for more about the Lions.

Overall, between the kirin or the Lion, it is best to go more for the Lion. (And Fu dogs perhaps, can be considered a "close relative" of the Lion. Or used more as guard dogs/invite good fortune.)

Although some modern Ba Gua or figurines do have each of the Fu dog with their mouths grasping a pair of long sword.

If one looks at the Photo Tours and at the various Ba Gua's shown in this section, one can find e.g. a Fu dog grasphing a long sword with it's teeth. This can be considered as a symbolic guesture of `guarding a home'.

A bit later on the Fu Dog.

4. The Kirin

The kirin looks like a dragon with a unicorn horn on it's head.

Usually, they are made of brass - metal.

Please NOTE that it is not good to place large (pair) of kirin inside the home as this will usually lead to frequent quarrels within the home. If possible, large kirins should best be avoided in the home.

5. The Stone Lions

The Lions usually come in three materials:-

5.1. Metal element:

A good example is HongKong and Shanghai Bank which uses bronze lion. Since it is in banking or metal element, bronze lion are used symbolically to a. Guard the bank b. to provide good fortune for the bank.

5.2. Earth element:

Stone lions that are usually made of cement plaster, granite or marble.

In many Chinese locations, a pair is placed outside the entrance to the building.

For example, in the past, I had taken photos and placed these photos of some buildings in Singapore e.g. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Ngee Ann City (Shopping/Office complex) and even several temples.

I had written some description of each of the lions in the past.

5.3. Wood element:

It is common to see either dragons / kirins and even lions carved in stone on temple roofs.

The sole purpose is symbolically to protect against evil.

5.4. In general, as mentioned earlier typically Stone Lions in general comes more closer to the Fu Dog than the `fierce' kirin.

One can perhaps say that the Fu Dog is for `defence' while the kirin is for `attack'.

For a home, it would be best to AVOID the use of the kirin. If used wrongly, can bring Sha Qi to the homeowner. Much like the concept of placing a Ba Gua mirror facing inwards of one's house. The larger the kirin, the more damage, it can give.

Please see below:-

On 10/2/2002 9:27:00 AM, Mimi Casavantes wrote:
>I am a serious student of
>Traditional Feng Shui, Xuan
>Kong. I belong to the
>discussion groups in Chinese
>Astrology, read at least 40
>books on Feng Shui, studied
>with Master Sang in Los
>Angeles, read articles on
>, and continue to
>read as much as I can.
>This is my question:
>I have a friend whose house :
>1.Faces 124 degrees
>2.Chen Facing Hsu Sitting.
>3.Period 7 .
>4.Wang Shang Wang Shui House
>5.The house is elongated and
>although the main entrance is
>at the SW corner (on the side

If the house is too elongated, chances are, if one were to take compass readings at the front, middle and back, there can be instances where, the compass reading may skew for such a house.

In the past, I had the opportunity to visit Sarawak, Malaysia. And there were ample opportunity for me to visit `long houses' or houses where there were many families staying in an elongated house. Taking compass direction can be a tricky business here.

To side track a-bit, if one purchase a professional compass such as the Finland made Suunto branch e.g. their SuuntoPilot or other models, try to purchase one that is `balanced' for your region.

Altogether, there are actually Five compass zones.

In the equator e.g. Singapore / Malaysia, here, we use a compass that is balanced for zone 3.

In America, Russia and northern hemisphere, go for professional compass balanced for zone 1.

Compass balanced for zone 5 is meant for Austraila. While compass balanced for zone 4 is rougly for South America etc...

>She plans on placing Fu Dogs
>(They are very big 52" high ,
>bronze that were once in the
>entrance of a bank) on the SW
>side in front of main

Based on my earlier explanation, the Fu Dogs should belong more to the the Lion (group).

It is my advise that it is best not to place Fu Dogs (close cousin of the Lion) on a pedestal.

Especially large pairs should not be elevated or placed on a pedestal. (If possible). However, if they are placed on e.g. the pillar of the gate, they should (in my opinion) be much smaller ones. It is not the best, but, honestly, some people, perhaps find comfort in placing them in their home.

From an asthetic point of view, (or commonsense approach), it would certainly odd to see an overly huge pair of Fu Dogs perhaps not proportionate to the pillar support also.

Do these go there or
>do they actually go in the SE
>facing side on the outside of
>property? There are houses in
>front across the street in the
>SE Facing side and a houses
>both on the SW & NE corners.
>Is she not going to harm the
>people next door if she were
>to place then outside the SW
>corner where her main entrance
>is located?

In most cases, where possible, the pair of Fu dogs (Lion equivalent) should be `plum' and if possible, have similing faces. This is considered the best.

However, no matter if they are smiling or have a serious expression, usually, these two pairs have an open mouth.

And it is always not advisable to having open mouths facing into our own homes. Here, it can be considered as `sucking' luck or wealth away.

Thus if they are facing the neigbhours, especially if they stand guard facing into the neighbour's house `aimed' towards the main entrance, it may not be good for the neighbour.

As mentioned eariler, a pair of Fu dog or lion is meant to stand guard at the house. E.g. the main entrance. Where possible, if they are big, should not be placed on a pedestal or e.g. gate pillar.

For the neighbour, if they were to open their main entrance door or even at the gate, and can view the pair of lion, this would indeed be a threat to the home.

An option for the neighbour to subdue, this pair of Fu dog (or lion) assuming that they are either in White (stone) or bronze, the neighour may have to hang a red banner (much like those of some Chinese house).

In some Chinese house, they hang a red banner above their main entrance to invite auspicious luck.

But in this case:

If the stone fu dog or lion is white or bronze (metal):-

The fu dog is said to be of the metal element. (Since metal is either white in colour or made of metal).

Red symbolise the fire element. And under the Five element concept, Fire element is used to subdue metal making the `pair of fu dogs into `scatty cats'.

Appreciate that you do not post any of the above information especially to other forums as, in the past, I often, found some of these sites to be poorly moderated and full of either `rubbish' or often `spoilt egos' or with people with their own hidden agendas. Unfortunately, this is my `lasting impressions' of these sites; till today.

Warmest Regards,

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