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Topic: Main door facing the kitchen door
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 11/4/2002 04:55 AM

Dear Patrick,

Please see below,

On 10/31/2002 10:29:00 PM, Patrick Bak wrote:
>I have heard that the main
>door should not face directly
>at the kitchen door due to the
>Flow of "Qi" will quickly flow
>out through the back door. To
>prevent this, there should be
>a wall in between to enhance
>circulation in the house.

Basically, qi (beneficial qi) must not flow in a straight line from the main door (directly) right to the back of the house.

For the kitchen, in addition to the above, itis very inauspicious to have the kitchen door face the main door - especially if utensils such as forts and knifes are vissible from the kitchen towards the main door.

In addition, if there is a wall to screen the back from the front, it must not be a half wall. The wall should preferably cover the entire door.

>The question now is that, is
>it really need a wall or can
>it be replaced by other types,
>eg: screen or divider. If it
>is possible, is it enough just
>to block the view of the
>kitchen door once i entered
>from the main door?

Yes, a screen or divider can be used. For a divider, it should preferably be `air-tight'. Not pigeon hole type of divider.

For a divider, it can also have - bottom e.g. wooden cabinet and top i.e. glass framed by an outline of wood. This is good if the house is North-South direction. As little light flows thru to allow as much natural light to flow thru the apartment main door.

>Also, will the "hu lu" play a
>part by hanging at the window
>in the back door to reduce the
>quick outflow of "Qi"?

The hu lu is an authentic Feng Shui tool. But normally, it may not be as effective as a screen or divider. It should normally be used e.g. the entrance to the kitchen rather than say at the back door area. Or at the middle location.

>Furthermore, from your
>article, i read that the "Pa
>Kau" with the mirror in the
>middle can also used to cure
>the straight Flow of "Qi", but
>it did not indicate where
>should i hang the "Pa Kau".

A ba gua mirror MUST never be used inside a house. It should be used facing outwards of the house.

>can also used to cure
>the straight Flow of "Qi",

This statement is incorrect when looking at the use of the Ba gua mirror if it is inside of the house.

Warmest Regards,

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