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Topic: Strong vs. Weak
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 2/10/2003 07:31 PM

Dear Jen,

There are several other ways of looking at this:

1. Wealth creation model of Five Elements

Under the destructive cycle, one will for example, notice that METAL destroys WOOD.

In order for METAL to destroy wood, metal has to be strong.

For example, a scupture has a piece of wood. He makes much effort using metal implements to curve it into an art object.

The original piece of the wood costs say $5. But as an art object, it may depending on the work done fetch him much much more.

For a Strong metal person, therefore, his wealth element is Wood element.

Similarly for a Strong Water person, his wealth element is Fire element.

2. However, if a person is considered a Weak Metal person, although Wood element is still his wealth, he cannot take advantage of it unless he increase his Metal element.

3. Under the Flying Star Feng Shui, much of the dreaded numbers e.g. #5 (misfortune and sickness) and #2 (sickness) are both strong earth elements.

Under such a situation, it would be beneficial to have Strong metal to neutralise it.

4. However, it does not necessarily mean that weak elements are bad. Since everything has Yang (strong) and Yin (weak) to balance out.

5. More importantly, if one is weak or a location has such weak elements, the addition of another element can help it further.

This is why, under period 7, if a house has double 7's (7 is a weak metal); to activate wealth, water (literally water at landed property or virtual water for apartments) are advantages, here.

If we look deeper, every element strong or weak is very useful.

Warmest Regards,

On 2/9/2003 12:39:00 PM, Jen Tucker wrote:
>Dear Master Cecil:
>Why does "strong"; for
>example, strong water and
>strong earth, always seem to
>be disastrous. In contrast,
>weak water and weak earth do
>not seem to have much effect
>on anything?

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