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Topic: East and West person & Facing of house
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 3/10/2003 11:22 AM

Dear Dominique,

1. Frankly, there is no issue in working out two charts and looking at both.

2. However, try not to use the type of logic that you had mentioned below.

3. But instead, try to make sense of this:-

4. Many years ago, many houses were built under Period 6. But because, in 1984, Period 7 came into being.

5. Often, as an investigative Feng Shui; one can plot the chart for Period 6 and Period 7. In many cases, quite alot had experienced Period 6 (staying in that house for several years).

6. What these people do is to see if later on Period 6 or Period 7 houses closely resemble their current situation.

7. Going forward, what you can do is to do two charts and see which chart is distintively better?

8. If Chart A is better than Chart B, then try to `make - the main door that is favourable to say Chart A.

9. For example, use the main door of Chart A if it is much better than B.

10. For example, I was often very curious about buying a handphone that can support two SIM chips. Here, I can use two service provider to my economic advantage.

But, I was equally happy to note that there are two SIM card support or an attachment that can allow one to place two different SIMs into a single phone. BUT, it uses a switch. If one SIM card is switched on the other cannot be use. Here, this is NO good if one is expecting SMS to come to the other SIM card.

Warmest Regards,

On 3/9/2003 11:54:00 PM, Dominique Nguyen wrote:
>Dear Master Lee:
>Since my aunts do not speak
>English I'm asking this on
>their behalf and hope you can
>help them. My 2 aunts are
>planning to rent a 4-5 bedroom
>house to live together,
>however, Aunt #1 is West
>person and Aunt #2 is East. I
>was wondering if they found a
>house with front entrance
>facing SouthWest and the
>garage with the entrance into
>the house is facing South
>which means you can enter the
>house thru 2 different
>The question is can 1 house be
>analyze as 2 separate house
>under Flying Star theory:
>SouthWest facing house and
>South facing house since each
>of the Aunt will use her own
>auspicious entrance ?
>Thank you,

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