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Topic: Sit North and Face South
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 5/9/2003 10:36 AM

Dear Anon,

I cannot agree more with this statement. However, these are my added comments:

1. Personally, for me, if I choose my house, I prefer to choose a north-south or south-north house. They key here is `radiation'.

2. A east-west or west-east house (depending on location) often may be exposed to direct sunlight or far more sunlight radiation.

3. A west facing house or bedrooms facing west (and exposed) to the west sun can be `unfortunate'. In Singapore, near to the equator, often, the sunlight is very strong and the evening even around 7 pm, the wall may still radiate heat. Imagine, a poor child sleeping next to the wall.

4. Even if the child does not sleep close to the wall, the entire room can be quite warm.

5. I have also illustrated on the effects of the morning sun that rises and evaporates the stagnant water in the Rivervale condo and recently, the newly TOP Lilydale Executive condo may face such problems. Please such for " Rivervale condo " - this article is under Singapore Properties conference.

6. The key to understand why Hong Kong practitioners prefer a South facing house is because of tradition. In China e.g. Beijing, most houses face south. Because north faces the mountain and often, wind will bring the yellow dusk from the north. And this is why most homes prefer to face south.

7. But this does not mean that it has to become a taboo that all good houses must face south.

8. Nowadays, many of us, have read so much of the 4 good and 4 bad and will often rush to buy homes that face ANY of the good facing directions without often considering the `radiation' or natural radiated sunlight filtering into a home. The radiated sunlight coming into the house is equally crucial.

9. Today, for example, I recieved a question from a client: why does her friend's Feng Shui practitioner recommend that the wealth corner is at the master toilet. And they were told not to use it totally.

10. My reply is: look at it this way, a Feng Shui practitioner may visit a home for less than 2 hours. But (we) have to live in this house - for quite a while. Silly idea isn't it, to close the toilet.

11. This is much like the " how tolerant are we to mirrors" idea.

12. In the past, I mentioned that some of us may be less tolerant to mirrors in the room while others can sleep easily in a room.

The often mentioned idea is that : when we sleep, our spirit leaves our body, sees the mirror and get a SHOCK! But wait.. WHAT IF? our spirit wants to comb hair in the mirror to look nice before it `flys' off?

Some of us are tolerant to `chilli padi' or tabasco chilli, while others are not. So far, there is no reported case that anyone died because of placing a TV set in the bedroom. Our life is short. so we should enjoy ourselves... even so, many of the new TV sets like LCD or Plasma do not even have a shadow.

Why, make our lives even more miserable as it is.

Warmest Regards,

On 5/9/2003 10:17:25 AM, Anonymous Lee wrote:
>Dear Master Cecil
>Please advise why Hong Kong
>feng shui masters always said
>that the house is
>very good if it sits North and
>faces South. What about
>sitting South and
>facing North? What's the
>Thought all houses have 4 good
>and 4 bad locations, if so,
>then what so
>special about sitting North
>and facing south?
>Please advise.
>Thank You

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