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Topic: garage / two story house - placing the bagua
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 5/21/2003 11:15 PM

Dear Helen,

In Asia, most of the time, a ba gua mirror is placed over an entrance for two major reasons:-

1. " NO CHOICE "

1.1 A situation is considered "no choice" if a house is at a `T' junction or the main door faces a major sha qi.

1.2 For example, if a neighour's main door faces our door, and that neighbour places a ba gua mirror above their main door.

1.3 Here, often, we do not have a choice! Either try to convince the neighbour to remove it; or we ourselves have no choice but to place a different type of mirror to neutralise it.

1.4 Thus, the question asked is: Is there a threat to our main door or is it because of one of those fixed template ideas that e.g. `x' marks the spot for "Knowledge and Career?".

2 In my opinion, there is very little to be gained by practising such " marketing ploys " since e.g. North cannot be everyone's Knowlege and career sector.

3. A test of such teachings or such a site (website) is to look at the products sold on the site.

4. In my opinion, close to 99.9 or even 100 percent of the time, many of such sites will `invite' us to understand such concepts. And recommend `solutions' that involve a purchase of a product.

5. Often, I broadly classify these type of solutions as pure commercial. And an element of Human or man luck content.

6. For example a simple ba gua mirror can be made as little as US$1.00 or less in China (cheap labour) but look at the price sold at any sites. One can see a huge market-up. Guess, who pockets the `mark-up'?

7. Rather than spent money on these objects, that may create a good `human luck' feeling; it is more evident to save the money for the rainy day. Or even, have a good conversation with our spouse and family. And bring them out for a good dinner!


8.1 Many Feng Shui practitioners in Asia have a religious inclination. For example, many are Toaist or buddhists.

8.2 And if one engage such a practitioner, one will be asked to place things like a piece of `yellow charm' above the main door to ward off evil.

8.3 And even if there is no evidence of Sha qi; often ba gua with either a flat mirror is placed above the main door or a convext type.

8.4 There are also other protective mirrors e.g. those with picture of door gods on it; while others have a kirin that has two long swords held as a `cross' in their mouths.

8.5 To find out more the different type of Ba Gua mirrors, please go to the conference: Photo Tours of Interest with pictures. Under this conference or simply do a universal search for Ba Gua mirror. You should be able to see pictures of each of the most common type of ba gua mirrors.

9. Going forward, it is not favourable to place a ba gua mirror facing inwards into a home.

10. We MUST take caution (caveat emptor) let the buyer beware when sites readily offer all sorts of ba gua mirrors for sale.

11. There are just too many commercialised mirrors to cater for the western market. Some looks cool and modern. But, the truth belittles us. These are simply commercial products!

12. CAUTION: The maxim: "If it ain't broken, don't fix it! "

This site does not practise concepts like "Helpful friends", "Knowlege and career" etc...

Warmest Regards,

On 5/21/2003 10:48:16 PM, Helen Pope wrote:
>I have been trying to
>accurately place the ba-gua
>for my house, but am confused
>on a few elements.

1) There
>is a room over the garage on
>the second floor. When I
>place the ba-gua for the first
>floor, do I include the garage
>in the footprint of the house?
>It sticks out beyond the rest
>of the front of the house by
>10-15 feet (depending on where
>you draw the line). Including
>it would mean that Knowledge
>and Career are cut off by
>quite a bit. Excluding it to
>the degree that it extends
>beyond the front edge of the
>house at the other corner
>means that the entire
>Mentor/Helpful Friends gua is
>either in the garage, the
>laundry room, the back hall
>between the garage and the
>laundry room, and a corner of
>it is in the guest bath. This
>also leaves a bit of a jut in
>the center (career) where a
>rarely used guest bedroom is
>located. Which is

2) Does the second
>floor ba-gua have to be the
>same size as the main floor?
>The second floor of the house
>is 13 feet narrower (except
>for a 12 foot wide room that
>juts out - it's not overly
>used either).

3) No matter
>where I draw the lines,
>Helpful Friends are in the
>garage on the first floor.
>How can I cure that? Will
>activating that area on the
>second floor help or
>counteract it?

Thank you in
>advance for any advice you can

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