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Topic: White tiger pictures in the living room
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 8/21/1999 01:19 PM


There are a few `variables' with regards to the placement of the `White Tiger picture".

1. Some Feng Shui practioners say that it is generally auspicious to place a White Tiger picture at the West Wall if this is your inauspicious location e.g. under the Eight House.

2. In most books, the Chinese are " afraid " or scared to see a real White Tiger is they believe that it will bring them bad luck.

This has correlation to their understanding that it is very unlucky to give birth to a child especially a girl born in the " Tiger " year.

For example, under this URL: I have this short write up of " The Gate of Hope, Singapore " (Formerly Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus - C.H.IJ.) with a sad tale:-

(The url shows the actual picture of the gate which is still standing)

At the above (green coloured) gate of the former Convent of The Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ), many babies were abandoned in baskets to be picked up by the Sisters of the Convent. This was the origin of the Home for Abandoned Babies.

For over 100 years, the orphanage was home to children from poor or broken homes as well as unwanted babies. The orphanage took in many Chinese baby girls born in the year of the tiger - " tiger girls " because of the strong superstitious belief that they would bring bad luck to their families.

In 1963, the Mother Superior noted that this practice was stopped as there was a marked change in this supersitious belief. The Home of Abandoned Babies ceased finally in 1983 when the CHIJ Convent was relocated.

3. In story, in a legend, a tiger at 500 years had its fur turned to `white'. This tiger is said to be the `guardian' at the West or one of the Four Symbolic Animals.

4. In my opinion, it is acceptable to keep the `White tiger' so long as its face does not signify that it is hungry, ferocious or have an opened mouth. This is particularly bad if it faces the main entrance door.

Where possible, I don't know if a tiger has a " happy face " erh.. hard to tell but generally, such objects should either be of a happy face or paintings or caligraphy such as auspicious Chinese characters are a much better choice.

Warmest Regards,

On 8/19/99 12:48:08 AM, Anonymous wrote:
>Dear cecil,
>Is having a picture of white
>tiger on the west wall facing
>the living room door bad.
>I read that the white tigers
>are considered
>symbol of good luck.
>Can one keep a small white
>lion statue size of palm
>inside the home. Thanks.

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