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Topic: One should not keep shoe rack in the house
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 12/14/1999 09:33 PM

Dear Anon,

Since you have the inbuilt shoe rack, it should not be a major concern i.e. it is of secondary importance.

Where possible, keep the shoe rack clean and once in a while, throw away unwanted shoes.

Warmest Regards,

On 12/14/99 1:51:01 PM, Anonymous wrote:
>On 12/13/99 5:45:54 PM, Cecil Lee wrote:
>>Dear Cecil
>Can I had my enclosed shoe rack in my
>living room? On top of the rack , I put
>a vase of roses and a lot of photo
>frame, can I do that? I cannot remove
>the rack as it is a built-in rack, is
>there any way to solve this if the shoe
>rack is not good to be in the living
>Dear Anon,
>>Some Feng Shui practitioners
>>advice one not to place a shoe
>>rack immediately outside the
>>main entrance.
>>It is not difficult to guess
>>the reason for it. As the main
>>entrance is an important part
>>of the house, the `worry' of
>>some practitioners is that Qi
>>from the `inauspicious' shoe
>>rack is sweep into the home.
>>The rationale is that the area
>>around the main entrance
>>should be `clear' space and
>>Where possible, try not to
>>place the shoe rack at the
>>main entrance. Usually, there
>>is a tendency to keep unused
>>shoes in there for some time.
>>It is not a `must' but it is
>>good not to have the shoe rack
>>outside the main entrance.
>>Usually, if one has a back
>>door, it is ok to place the
>>shoe rack there.
>>Warmest Regards,
>>On 12/13/99 3:47:31 AM, Anonymous wrote:
>>>Dear cecil,
>>>I read somewhere that one
>>>should not keep a shoe rack in
>>>the home since it is
>>>considered bad. Is it true.

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