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Topic: Where should I place a water fountain
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 1/8/2000 07:01 AM

Dear Long Le,

In general Feng Shui advise, it is common to find advise to place water positions that harmonise with the element of that direction.

1. Based on the element of a specific direction

Therefore, generally, without taking into consideration one's element and strength, locations such as North (Water), East (Wood), SE (Wood) have been considered good.

Under the Productive cycle of the Five elements, Wood and Water does `not clash'.

While some FS practioners may advise not to place a water position at the South (Fire) as it clashes with the element of this direction.

2. Shapes and Form Feng Shui

In general, it is easy to understand that water represents `flat' surface. With water, it means that there are no tall structures.

So ideally, water positions should be at the frontage of the house.

A living room, can take advantage of water position. As the living room should have low level furniture particuarly at the "central" area.

The Flying star Feng Shui i.e. water stars also use the same approach in that water stars can only be activated along say the living room and frontage of the house. Where clear space is the best.

3. Personal element and strength

Here, if one's element is weak water, it would be good to have a water position.

If one is a strong water person, this changes the picture. Too much water may "drown" the individual.

What happens if one is a strong fire person? The water position is acceptable as it can help `cool' him down. But if the person is a weak fire person, water may extinguish him.

4. What is one's motive for buying a water position item?

If one does not have a motive but simply (based on sixth sense) love to have a water position in the house, this is generally ok. Most of the time, it is acceptable.

But if one's motive is because like everyone else, buys a water item, then it is better to find out one's element and its strength and even the spouse's to check how suitable it can be.

Another consideration is the size of the water position. The larger, one has to be more careful. Water positions exceeding 33.3 percent of the entire area can have a vast influence. Especially if it is located at the centrepoint of the house.

Water, at the centrepoint will "drown" the person. The characteristics is usually, the spouse falling sick frequently. Finances will also be slowly affected especially in business.

The above are some of the many considerations under Feng Shui.

Warmest Regards,

On 1/5/00 4:39:14 PM, Long Le wrote:
>I'm a feng-shui enthusiast and
>I have a question on where I
>should place a water
>fountain. Please advice.
>My house faces SouthEast
>(112.5 degrees).
>I've read that it is good to
>place a
>water fountain in either
>1 - The SouthEast sector
>(small wood) or
>East sector (big wood) of my
>living room.
>| fountain SE S | ^
>| (water fountain) | |
>| NE ----------------SW |
>| |
>| N NW W |
>2 - The left of my door
>(inside looking out)
>in the East sector of the
>entrance hall (as
>in sketch below).
>-------- DOOR ----------
>| fountain | ^
>| (water fountain) | |
>| |
>| ^ looking out |
>| |
>Thank you.

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