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Topic: Five Yellows (question)
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 2/22/2001 09:23 PM

Dear Jen,

In order to `destroy' or neutralise " Five Yellows " or #5 (Misfortune):

1. Some FS practitioners avoid recommending 5 rod wind chimes.

This is because, no. 5 is associated with #5 or Five Yellows.

Secondly, where possible, use hollow metal rods instead of solid metal rods.

2. Some wind chimes are made of several materials.

3. Given the controversy and the `complications' of not only buying the type of wind chime: no. of rods? 3, 5 or 6 or more?

In my opinion, it is preferable to use a 6 rod wind chime : where 6 represents Big metal.

4. Under the Five Element concept, 6 = Big metal. Big metal is used to destroy or neutralise " Five Yellow " (earth element).

5. One must also pay more attention to the placement of a metallic wind chime at: North-East (Devil's main gate) and other metal element directions e.g. West...

6. If there is no `wind' the wind chimes do not make any sound. As a wind chime is suppose to make sounds... it would be rather `odd' that it remains silent.

7. During the 7th month or the month where the belief that the hell of gates are opened and `hungry' ghosts are let to wonder on earth, certain wavelength (metallic sound) may cause these ghosts to be attracted to the particular home.

Alternatively playful imps may cause nightmares to particular residents in the home.

8. Given, that there are so many issues surounding the use of wind chimes; in my opinion other better alternatives include:-

8.1. The use of 6 coins (I-ching) tied with red string. Where 6 represents `Big Metal' and the 6 metal coins is used to control earth.

6.2 The use of a pendulum clock. The `tick-tock' represents the constant ticking of metallic sound (provided the pendulum clock is made of brass/copper material.

6.3 Some FS practitioners in the Far East, sell their copper rulers which they felt is a subsitute to the 6 metal coins. These costs more but is considered the equivalent of the 6 coins.

Depending on the #?? mountain and #?? water in relation to base number, if there is a need for metal cure to neutralise Five yellow, then any of the cures as mentioned under Para 6.1, 6.2 or 6.3 can be used with certainty without resorting to moving the bed.

Warmest Regards,

On 2/22/01 8:13:00 PM, Jen Calica wrote:
>After superimposing the Loshu
>grid over my apt space, the
>only good location to place my
>bed is in the SW corner. The
>other corners are
>inauspicious. Further
>research showed that the five
>yellows is in the south west,
>and that I should not disturb
>this spot. A remedy is to
>hang a 5 rod wind chime.
>Would this be enough to
>counter it? My last resort
>would be to move my bed to the
>living room and deal with not
>having my bed diagonally
>located from my front door.
>Any suggestion is appreciated.

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