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Topic: Bathroom in Wealth Corner
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 5/2/2001 12:11 AM

On 5/1/01 11:22:00 PM, Cecil Lee wrote:
>Dear Steff,
>In my opinion, it is best not
>to rely too much on `corner'
>concept such as " wealth
>corner ".
>Even if the toilet is at such
>a sector, there is not much
>one can do except to relocate
>it (which is impractical) for
>most of us.
>What is more important
>consideration is the Shapes
>and Form Feng Shui:-
>1. Avoid having the toilet
>next to the main entrance.
>2. Avoid having the toilet at
>the centrepoint of the home.
>For toilets in other
>locations, it is best that one
>of the wall shares an external
>Other than closing the toilet
>door. Hanging crystal or wind
>chime is based on the user's
>preference or belief. In my
>opinion, there is not much
>impact or benefits to the Feng
>Shui, here.
>Warmest Regards,
>On 4/27/01 11:15:00 AM, Steff Powers
>>I have my 1/2 bath on the main
>>level and it happens to be in
>>the wealth corner ,sink is on
>>wall to the west. No windows.
>>Door stays closed as well as
>>seat stays down.Any advice on
>>a cure. Have crystal and small
>>windchime hanging from
>>ceiling. Thank you

dear steff
i have same problem. bathroom is in my south prosperity direction middle of the south facing wall of apt. i have placed mirrors on both sides of entry doors. also painted the south wall of bathroom red and the walls green. also i have added a wood table to enhance the fire of the south. i have been thinking of adding green food coloring to the toilet and bath waters. it may help. i am tired of money coming and going in my life.i think i have pinpointed the reason. i have do have goldfish in 10 gal in the southeast corner of apt. i have a chen house.
good for me a 3 wood. born in dragon yr 1952
but if know any other cures let me know.
by the way i feel compass school makes more sense that using the bagua. am i in minority?
good luck steff. lillian too suggests keeping a very bright lite in bathroom to overpower the water element there on at all times. i have yet to try that. let me know by email or here. email is easier for me as sometimes it take forever to load all this.
oh is the word chinese from the word chi??
make your chi flow and have a feng shui day.

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