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Topic: front door in wrong direction....
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 10/14/2001 11:05 PM

Dear Erika,

Feng Shui of the home is also like a `test' or examination. Where there is 100 marks. This is where, there are many principles involved in Feng Shui and we can try to allocate marks to each category.

Feng Shui is all about increasing one's luck.

In my opinion, the score or breakdown of scores in Feng Shui is as follows:-

a. Shapes and Form of the House = 60%

b. Compass School Feng Shui
Eight House Theory = 20%
Flying Star = 25%

Total = 100 percent

From the above example, one should consider the amount of luck derived from Shapes and Form Feng Shui. Homes that can accumulate luck and/or have poison arrows neutralised can have better Feng Shui in this area.

Under the Eight House theory, for example, it accounts for say in the above example 20% of the total house luck. Therefore, in your case, having an unsuitable house may not necessarily be the main concern. You could look at what is the intangible influence in the bedroom.

If you can increase the Feng Shui luck say in Shapes and Form and/or Flying Star; would help.

For changing the main door, this can be done, however, a FS consultant should be consulted as it would normally require him/her to do a detailed study of your birth chart / look at the flying star chart e.g to compare the existing main entrance with that of the proposed new main entrance to see if this would be more or less beneficial to you.

On your own, you could try to enhance the Shapes and Forms of your home as I feel that this has a major impact on your home.

Warmest Regards,

On 10/7/2001 7:03:00 AM, Erika Nielsen wrote:
>I have a question conserning
>my home and the direction in
>which the front door is
>Analysing the four good and
>four bad directions my home
>should have the frontdoor
>placed west....but my home has
>the frontdoor placed
>north-east which falls in one
>of the four bad directions
>i.e. disaster! (for my husband
>this also is a bad direction
>i.e. spook). How do I enhance
>good feng shui eventhough I
>can not move the front door or
>move to another place at the
>Im not extremely routined
>using feng shui so I would
>very much like a detailed
>answer....and if more
>information is needed I will
>of cause be happy to provide
>Thak you in advance

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