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Applied Feng Shui Course

Help: Course: Applied Feng Shui / Flying Star

NOTE: Make sure that you have updated the credits into your account first.¬†This process needs to be done once so that the credits are made available to your account.¬

  • Login to your account (as stated in the e-mail sent to you after a successful payment)
  • Under the red navigation menu, look for the Payment Details
  • Click on the Update Payment Credits¬

Accessing your paid Credits.

  • Login to your account
  • Under the red navigation menu on the Right, look for the Certificate Courses
  • Click on the Applied Feng Shui/Flying Star link
  • Check that the unused credit is NOT zero the very first time you access the report.¬† If it is zero, please follow the above instruction to obtaining your credit.¬† Once a credit has been used, your profile will be marked for future access.
  • Under the Lecture Room option, click on the Start your Lesson link.
  • You will be provide with a page to with the course lesson list.¬

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Sunday, 18 Mar, 2001¬

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