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Suitable Career

Help: What career suits me?

Step 1: Login to your Account

Step 2: Click on the item "Personal Self"

  • Under the blue navigation menu on the left, look under the Paid Reports
  • Click on the Personal Self link, which opens up a Report Wizard on the right frame.

Step 3.1: Updating your Paid Credit(s)

  • Click on update your paid credits ONCE (if you have not done so)

Step 4.1: Creating a New Profile

  • Click on Create New Profile if you had not created any profiles. If you have already created a profile, goto directly to Step 5.

Step 4.2: Entering details to Create Profile

  • Create a personal self profile (only need to do this ONCE for each individual person)

Step 5: Selecting a Profile to use

  • Select the profile you wish to generate the report for.

Step 6: Selecting the Report to generate

  • Select the PAID: Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi Ming Yun) - Standard

Step 7: Generating the Report

  • click on Finish to generate the report


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