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Q1: What exactly is the Devil's main gate?

There is an interesting short article I wrote on the Devil's main gate at: Devil's Gate

Q2: I note you mentioned this in "Bird Nest Fern" reply. I have two very large trees and several small shrubs in the NE Sector. Should they be removed?

It is not necessary as you have a large house and the trees are `proportionate' to the house. You can also check the type of leaves. Where best the trees at this area should preferably have `pointed' leaves rather than rounded leaves.

I am more concerned with too many plants at the West or South West location as these are primarily YIN locations and too many plants here can `harbour' spirits which during the Chinese 7th month can be a hideout for wandering spirits. The rationale is that if they are closeby, they may inadvertenly draw into a close by home.

I had written earlier about the Toaist and buddhist practice of "banging" on cymbals during funerals. This is infact to call the dead. The worrysome thing about Windchimes placed at the SouthWest and West corner is that if the sound waves made by the windchime may inadvertenly `attract' such wondering ghosts to drop by a house. Instead of attracting luck, we may end up having more `trouble'. Therefore, I do caution about using windchimes at NE, SW and West unless a proper Flying Star birth chart is done to anlayse the numerlogy of these locations.

I mentioned in one of the artilces I wrote that besides the Luopan which is a ghost detector, the Flying Star numerlogy method can easily detect or find out if a location is `bad'. This is by looking at the numbers. (I will dwell in this at a later stage). The rationale is that the numerlogy can `find' out if a location is too YIN plus if this location is at the NE or SW, this spells serious trouble. I had a few of such experiences at the NE in a few FS audits. In one case, the Luopan needle goes haywire especially at the NE or the devil's gate.

Q3: Chrysanthenum - do the Chinese use this flower as a symbol of luck ?

Yes, Chinese like to grow chrysanthenum with its bright yellow colour. Because it's flowers are (I hope I described it correctly) `pointed' they are considered more of a `yang' plant.

What is the difference between a Yin or a Yang plant?

In Feng Shui, yin plans are useful to be placed at corners e.g. to absorb sha chi. Too many yin plants e.g. in the South Yang plants e.g. chrysanthenum are normally not placed inside the home. But some FS Masters / practioners especially from the " Taiwanese School " of Feng Shui love to use them. One should consult a Geomancer for placing such things as a cactus or any plants with sharp torns. (or pointed leaves).

A NASA experiment has shown that plants are indeed good environment enhancers but I caution not to place them in bedrooms. This is because plants are growing and bedrooms are suppose to be more `yin' than yang for adults.

Q 4:What is the Feng Shui significance if a cat runs away from the family home. I believe I once read about this but cannot remember.

Frankly, this `one' has more to do with Chinese supertitions than Feng Shui and there is no Feng shui explanation for this.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999



Users Comments
Best Site on the Web Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.NetDear Cecil,

After browsing many many feng shui sites, I came to one conclusion: your site is the most sensible, reasonable and helpful one of all. I've been to sites where they want to sell you just about anything and everything. The information they are willing to give is so trivial and one senses that the only thing they are interested in is to make money and sell you products that might and might not fit in with your decor or your culture, and of course doesn't serve the purpose of curing and or enhancing.

Sorry for the long message, but I have a friend who spent a fortune buying all types of figurines to cure then to enhance and then eventually all she got was more figures on her credit card and no luck!

I believe that what one should do is get your advise first because it makes so much sense and it is always sincere. I also believe that people should buy things that pleases their eye and provide a sense of beauty and balance.

Again sorry for the long message and thank you for a wonderful site.

Luna Ghobar, 10 March 2003

Students new to Feng Shui can learn more on their own, with the help of a few good books and this website, than many "practitioners" can teach them.

Regina Cohn, 29, January 2004