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What is the mission of this site?

To create awareness, overall appreciation and understanding of Feng Shui Concepts and Theories. Strong emphasis on the understanding of Applied Feng Shui Practises for modern living.

The Objectives:

1. Review and interpret classical research materials on Feng Shui.

2. Make Feng Shui theories, concepts and templates easily available to the public. For example by merging technology with Feng Shui.

Why use the word GEOMANCY and not FENG SHUI?

In the Far East e.g. Singapore and Malaysia, many Feng Shui Practioners include the word Geomancy in their company name instead of Feng Shui. For example: ABC Geomancy Consultancy, I Ching Geomancy Center, Modern Geomancy Services etc.

The main reason is because these Practioners do not only offer Feng Shui consultations but many other services such as choosing a name for a newborn, change of name, mapping a person's Heaven Chart using Pillars of Destiny, Face, Palm reading and more. The services are varied.

You can say that a Geomancer " serves his client from the day they were born to the day when they die ".

Similiarly,'s aim is to provide you with a comprehensive range of useful Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Destiny resources and computerised tools.

What is covered in this website?

This site has one of the largest collections of source materials for anyone wanting to have
a better understanding and appreciation of what goes "behind" the advice given by Feng Shui Masters many of whom simply tells you to position your bed here, your furniture there.

Do you know why?

All topics on this site were carefully organized into self-contained modules.

This site is for the Feng Shui beginner, intermediate and advanced students or simply anyone wanting to understand Traditional Feng Shui at your leisure! Many hours had been spent to enhance this site and it is now the Fourth Edition.

It may take a few hours to go through the entire website. Don't worry, if you are unable to
cover the entire site, you can always bookmark this site and continue another day:)

What is not covered in this site?

This site covers everything you see below EXCEPT for unrecognized Feng Shui practises categorised under "Others" see below:-.

This site currently does not cover the "Western" variation of Feng Shui i.e. 9 Star Ki but will do so at a later stage.

Less emphasis is also placed on YIN Form of Feng Shui for the dead as it is not so popular today.

You will also get a balanced view of acceptable Traditional Feng Shui practises and controversial subjects.

For example: some Feng Shui Practitioners do not believe in the use of the "Bagua mirror" as a cure. There are many more differing views on other topics. We will find out later in this free course.

You can get Free Reports and Advice from the MyAdviser Forum to further compliment your learning!

Do enjoy a wealth of information from this site. Let's proceed!


Cecil Lee - Center for Applied Feng Shui Research



Users Comments
Congratulations!!! Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net

Dear Master Cecil Lee

Congratulations for maintaining and continuously upgrading the Geomancy Net. Kudos to your painstaking, educative and comprehensive efforts in helping millions to take note & understand this science of Feng Shui.

I feel exultant every time I visit your site.

Thanks again for your hard work.

Warm regards
Vijay Kumar

"I greatly appreciate your help!!! I must tell others about your great website!!! All my neighbors are interested in Feng Shui."

Batson Abeer A, 22 October 2003


Dear Sir,

"You probably noticed with all my posts that I am looking for the new house. I am trying to take into consideration a lot of factors in order to evaluate a future residence. You have been a great help"
Elena Oldham, 21 April 2004