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Palmistry.Net: Major Lines

Palmistry.Net Your Major Lines

Major Lines

  • Life: Vitality
  • Head: Attitude & Career
  • Heart: Matters of the Heart & Human Feelings
  • Will I marry or travel?

Major Regions

  • Mercury: Health Related
  • Apollo: Potential for Success or Fame
  • Saturn: Fate, Career & Friendship
    Jupiter: Luck, Ambition, Pride & Leadership
  • Money: Skills at acquiring money

Other Regions

  • Upper Mars: Aggressiveness
  • Lower Mars: Moral Courage or Will Power
  • Moon: Good Life, Enjoyment or Discontentment
  • Venus: Generosity, Affection


Users Comments
..such a wonderful website Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net

Dear Master Lee:

I'm new to geomancy and have found the photo tours of interests extremely helpful (just like they said "a picture speaks a thousand words").  Thank you for having such a wonderful website.

Pam Landin
Feng Shui Newbie
8 September 2004

Dear Mr Lee

Thanks for the beautiful efforts made on your upated flying stars report.  Its fascinating. 

8 September 2004