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FREE Personal Rpts


reports-list-personal reports-list-personal reports-list-personal reports-list-personal
FREE Personal Reports
reports-list-personal reports-list-personal reports-list-personal



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      reports-list-personal FREE Personal Rpts
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FREE Personal Reports
   Find out your Life Association Sectors
Eight Aspiration Report Example
   Find out your Gua (Kua) Number?
Gua Number Report Example
   East or West Group Person?
Eight House Report Example
   Find out your Horoscope?
Chinese Horoscope Report Example
   Find out your Characteristics?
Personal Stars Report Example
   Find out you Personal Element?
Feng Shui Element Report Example
   How suitable is your Home?
Suitable House Report Example
   Your Favourable Sleep Position?
Sleep Position Report Example
   Your Favourable Study Position?
Study Position Report Example
   Your Favourable Work Position?
Work Position Report Example
   Your Favourable Bedroom Location?
Bedroom Location Report Example




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Users Comments
Naming Service & New House Hunting Report v8 Robert Lee Robert Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net

Dear Robert & Cecil Lee,

Many Thanks for your services in my daughter's name change and my auspicious dates analysis.

I will truly in the future recommend friends to your services.

Many Thanks once again.

Warmest Regards,
Susan Cheong Sarkies
Bukit Batok, Singapore
30 August 2004


Dear Master Lee,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. The new report is A LOT MORE clearer!  i am impressed this time and definitely more confident!

Chee Yuen
31 Aug 2004