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Dear Demo,

1. All Family Members Summary

Parents would benefit greatly if the baby is of Wood baby. However, you have a Strong Wood from your second son. So the entire family will benefit if the baby is a Earth or Metal baby. However, priority must go to the baby having good ba zi, rather than being suitable to the parents. So other elements may still be acceptable even though Earth or Metal baby would be the best for family harmony.

2. Summary Analysis

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3. Auspicious Baby Luck. Hours in Bold are better and more balanced hours.

3-1) 7 May 2006

Users Comments
A wonderfully helpful guy that you are! Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net

Dear Cecil,

Thanks for being a wonderfully helpful guy that you are! Really appreciate your patience!

Forum User
24 August 2004

Dear Master,

I was studying feng shui for the past four years from various books written  mostly by western authors. When I went thro' your website I realised that whatever  I learnt was not accurate. Many of my doubts were cleared by information from your site and the promptly replied e mails. I am grateful for the assistance from you.

Thank you once again for this wonderful site.

Thnking You,
Yours sincerely,
Sulochana Iqbal
31 August 2004