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About Ba Zi Life Reading Standard

Learn more about Paid Report

Visit our Basic Life Reading Product Section to learn more about this report

This report consists of the following packages:

1.1 Ba Zi Life Reading Standard - Part 1

This first part of the report provides you with a detailed breakdown of your element and strength.

1.2 Ba Zi Life Reading Standard - Part 2

This second part of the report provides you with a detailed analysis of your Eight Characters i.e. House of Conception, Year, Month, Day, Hour and House of Life.

1.3 Ba Zi Life Reading Standard - Part 3

This third part of the report provides a summary with a detailed of all the Ten Deities and their element Representation and a comprehensive analysis of your 10-yearly Luck Pillars.

This report is currently available as a PAID report. View the sample report as shown below:-

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Basic Life Reading (Ba Zi Feng Shui)