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"I hope you find this
 forum useful in learning Authentic Traditonal
Feng Shui.

Cecil Lee,
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Ask Expert FAQ

My Adviser Forum FAQ

Geomancy.Net's My Adviser Forum has been around since 1996 providing sound Authentic Traditional Feng Shui to thousands of users.

New users have to first create an account here. Subsequently, you are free to participate through the web-site login and/or participate through the mailing list.

The purpose of the discussion forum is for users to seek advice or clarify issues or doubts relating to Feng Shui and Chinese Divinity methods. The aim of the forum is also to promote the learning and application on the various Feng Shui theories and concepts.

The original forum started on a third-party hosted website. Since 1998, we have hosted the forum ourselves using a highly scalable discussion forum software platform. Since the upgrading to our own forum, we have been continuously been providing quality advice to over 10,000 registered users and growing. Many users of the forum have come to regard as a trusted friend and advisor!

What can you expect from this Forum?

You can expect to see detailed and professional answers to queries sent in by users all over the world who are seeking advice on Feng Shui or simply to seek advice or to clarify their doubts on matters relating to Feng Shui and Chinese Divinity methods.

Is the forum Free?

Yes, it is absolutely free. We do not believe in charging users from this service as our goal is to help clarify users doubts and to promote a conducive learning environment.

Why is it some websites charges for this service while we provide it for Free?

Our free advice forum is highly valued and many of the advice provided are extremely detailed, comprehensive and useful. However, we do not charge any fees for it simply because we like to promote learning and do not feel that you should be charged for simple advice.

Then how do we fund this Free service?

Unfortunately, we have to  offer some paid services on our website to partially subsidize this ever growing Free Advice Forum.

If subsequently, you feel that you have benefited from the forum, why not support us through voluntary donations or support us by purchasing any of our products and services. Click here to Learn More.

Your contributions can certainly help us to continue to provide this free service which is need to help cover the high costs for hosting of our free services.

Forum Etiquette

Click here to learn how you can get a quick response to your question

How to Post a Question in our Forum

If you are not sure how to post in our forum, click here to see a Step-by-step Guide on how you post into our forum.

Moderated Forum

All messages sent to the forum are moderated by Cecil Lee. For example, your posting to the forum will not be immediately shown in the forum.

As Cecil Lee, logs in almost every day into the forum, he will have to review each message. Only after he has moderated each message and if the message is found suitable for posting into the forum, it will be available for all users to see the specific message(s) sent in.

Click here to find out why our forum is moderated.

We hope that you will find the information available in the forum useful!

Search Feature in the Forum

Currently, under the conference: Free Advice, there are already more than 5,200 or more messages! You can use the SEARCH feature in the forum to find nearly almost all the topics that you may be searching for. This is a quick way to learn more about a particular topic. For example use the search feature to search for: " Fish Tank " etc...

Warmest Regards,

Cecil Lee
Geomancy.Net - Center for Applied Feng Shui Research

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