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  2. HDB Buangkok Edgeview

    HDB Buangkok Edgeview Just T.O.P. This PCN starts from Gerald Drive and goes thru Anchorvale and towards Punggol PCN. To the left of the photo (hidden) is the last KAMPONG Buangkok:- Finally, a small shopping centre. The nearest is Giant which is around 800 metres away.. View of Fernvale (furthest) then Seletar Springs condo and the nearest is Mugliston Park. A small enclave of landed properties. Many years back the river was the resting place of broken down Sampan wooden boats. Thus this place was called “Tongkang picha” or broken down boats.. The linkway from carpark to Block B at 8th storey
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  4. 1. Marking “A” showing the three blocks 25, 27 and 29 with stacks facing the expressway are indeed noisy. 2. Marking “C” is a potential housing or facilities plot of land. Marking “B” is a smaller plot.. yet to be determined what may be built or not built there. 3. Holcim batching plant often is a mixing point of cemente and aggregate. Hopefully not contribute to a dusty environment (if any). Anyway, this may not a permanent. As once majority of construction especially at Sengkang west is completed.. it may be closed. 4. All the above are often considered.. as even high floors with unobstructed views may in the future be blocked. Plus the two to three years time frame of construction noise. 4.1 Hopefully The buildings (if any) at markings “B” or “C” does not create sharp corners aimed towards these two stacks. 5. Noise from expressway is expected... but not much worse as the Bellewaters marking “A”. 6. Anchorvale crescent road is not a major road and at this moment only one bus service ply there. Thus at high floors, there should not be a concern of traffic noise. 6. Both stacks are not at the vicinity of the guard room thus no concern of vehicles turning into the development and “towards any of these two stacks”. 7. A pity that under Flying stars Feng Shui, the double auspicious wealth stars #8’s x 2 is wasted at the rear of the unit. Thus from now to 2023, the "luckier" stacks/units are South facing. 8. The hospital is another consideration: good or bad. The closest to the Sengkang community hospital is The Vales. 8.1. Especially for The Vales, there is more or less some stigma attached to e.g. living especially facing the hospital. This may affect the resale value - if a potential buyer takes this into consideration. Of course, some find no issue with this. 8.2. The good is that I undertand that some buyers at The Vale bought it for it's potential rental value. Likewise, Treasure Crest although further away, is still within walking distance from it. 8.3 Where is the Pathology department of this hospital? The Pathology department and/or "collection point" is an area where the deceased are "carted" to this waiting area. Here, a relative goes to identify the body.. and arrange for it to be moved to a mortuary/casket company.. Hopefully, this is not facing the current Heavy Vehicle carpark. As close to such things are not that favourable .. luck wise. 9. Once the Heavy Vehicle carpark is no more. There is a question mark as to what may replace this in the future. Definitely most likely not a school. Could even support or ancillary facilites or even a "kopitam" of sorts. If so, this may affect the ambience of Treasure Crest.. besides the smell of cooked food... cockroaches and rats... etc... 10. Location of The Central rubbish chute? Not ideal if it is beside the unit’s main door.
  5. concept only for land shapes???

    Master, I applause your wittiness of and flexibility of resolution. Thank you so much.
  6. Case Study: Lamp posts, pillars, roof-lines and tree trunks Any of the above should not be aimed towards a unit’s opening such as a window or balcony. If aimed towards the living room windows or balcony practically hardest to cure (if any).
  7. Case Study: Interested in purchasing a unit at the highest floor of the block. One of the main concerns of purchasing the highest floor is the concern of a leaking ceiling. Some are also concerned with the potential heat if there is no proper insulation. Recently I was doing a can or cannot buy evaluation at a highest floor unit at Parc Palais condo. Both the potential buyer and myself saw what looks like water leak stains in several areas : kitchen and rooms / toilet(s). Here, the water tank is directly above this unit. My client decided not to purchase this unit. Location: Just T.O.P. Buangkok Edgeview roof-TOP unit:- The left most round water tank is around this unit’s living room. And the other water tank is above the bedroom(s):
  8. Basic Feng Shui elements for my apartments

  9. Basic Feng Shui elements for my apartments

    I believe you went to the wrong place to post your questions. As Geomancy.net is one of the few who does not subscribe to the above.
  10. concept only for land shapes???

    Frankly, this is subject to interpretation. Thus, if you meet or encounter or seek advice from a few geomancers: opinions can vary widely. For example if you encounter an conservative geomancer, he/she will say it is definitely an inauspicious plot of land. Even some non-conservative geomancers would agree with above. Thus, in my opinion, more likely at first glance: there could be 70% unfavourable. While only 30% of geomancers say could be acceptable if .... From a common sense approach, often one would not expect an entry/exit into a premise (or home) at a turn. As there is a higher likelyhood of an accident occuring especially if one suddenly slow down to turn into the home. This is not Feng Shui. But things like that are often clustered under the Feng Shui theme. For example the home could or might take the profile as shown below:- If we consider the virtual red-line above, then the profile of the land no longer looks like a triangle lot. Since there is no physcial boundary, then marking in yellow "A" is considered as "bonus" land:
  11. Hi Master Lee, May i know if the higher floors of Stack 06 and 11 is ok? All the stacks along this side will be facing the expressway What will be the issues to look for? Thanks
  12. Hi, Master, I know that a triangular land is not ideal, especially the sitting/back of the land is smaller than the facing/front. I can understand how the energy flows with difficulty or is interrupted by Sha-Chi, if this triangular land is an island defined by no other lands around it. Most of lands are connected with one another in the USA, and each shape of lands is defined only by county records and surveyors, without physical boundaries. I wonder if the principle of the land shape still effective? Chi/energy/environment/FengShui wouldn't know how an owner's boundary of the land is defined.I am looking at this triangular piece of triangular land (#5181) with the facing embraced by a road. There are no fences and physical boundaries to the land. The yellow defined plats are done by the county records. Thus, does it matter in this case what land shape is? Thanks
  13. Between these two: door beside rubbish chute is worst of the two.
  14. Last week
  15. Want to know about the basic Feng Shui elements that could be brought into an apartment. I recently purchased one of the east-facing flats in Tambaram and I want to adorn it with hanging elements, towers, and statues of Feng Shui. Please suggest me good ideas.
  16. HDB Senja Heights

    Master Lee, Please do a review on Senja Valley (: Thank you.
  17. Wall Hanging Fountain

    This is based purely on "Symbolism." Yes, a conservative geomancer would consider water flowing out of the "mouth" of the house. Be it a lion's mouth or other creature's mouth. On the same notion: some geomancer say that if the water flow stops. Then, it may be the reverse. Looks like a "hungry" lion with an open mouth towards neighbour's home.
  18. Wall Hanging Fountain

    Hello, I have my eye on a resin wall hung fountain, where water pours out of a Lions mouth. If I hang it on the right side of my front door (Looking at it from the street/outside) will this be a prosperous placement ? The compass position will be SW. My concern ,is I've read the water must run towards the house but if the water pours out the Lions mouth, its flow will go towards the street then flow through the drainage back into the pump back up to the Lions mouth. Is this a favourable position ? Thank you
  19. Pregnant and Moving

    Frankly this has nothing to do with Feng Shui. Feng Shui is scientific. Thus, there is nothing hardcoded. And if one were to ask 100 persons; most likely it is as good as flipping a coin... heads or tail; yes or no. For the Chinese; it is a taboo to move the “bed of conception” during the pregnancy. Or participate in anything remotely resembling the renovations or move-in.. for fear of touchwood accidents etc.. that’s all.
  20. In Asia, green roof was common especially for places of worship. In the 1970’s some homes use green roof tiles. But the most common today is the traditional clay or orange coloured tiles. Well green is in my opinion still an okay colour.. under your description, above.
  21. Frankly, there is usually more than your neighbour's main door. However, you are considered praticing trial and error ...... https://www.geomancy.net/wiki/The_Customer_Engineer_Concept Perhaps, since your friend has already placed the item(s).. whenever someone place something.. wait for a week or two before placing any other "cures" or enhancements. So that one can incrementally (if any) know if it may or may not be the right thing. For example, maybe somewhere in the home or in a bedroom, there could be some bad Feng Shui stars such as #5 = misfortune/sickness combined with #2 sickness as found in this sample illustration:- In the above illustration #5 with #2 signifies = sickness or illness. Stomach, hands and legs injuries. This is why I mentioned, "usually more to it than meets the eye"...
  22. My front door faces east and back door is west. My front door and shutters are dark forest green, I am thinking of Installing a green roof. Is that good for my house? Currently have grey roof.
  23. Pregnant and Moving

    Dear Master Lee, Can pregnant women participate in the rituals of moving? Thanks
  24. land with creek behind and next to a lake

    Thank you, Master. It's very helpful
  25. CHRIS

    1. D = Forfar Heights block 48 and E = block 52 is quite a distance away. Thus although there may seem to be poison arrows; it is in my opinion a distance away. Thus not an issue. 2. F = Forfar Heights MSCP = block 53A is not an issue. 3. G = Church of the Good Shepherd does not have a church cross. And there is no church cross on the spine of the roof-top aimed towards this unit = okay. 4. C = The roof-lines of Blk 82 and 83 of Dawson.. are also not an issue. 5. A = this road is also no issue. 6. B = MRT track with noise reduction barrier is parallel to the unit. And no threat. Except expect some "noise pollution" from the noise generated by the trains wheels...
  26. land with creek behind and next to a lake

    You wrote: "First question: is this a good land to build a house? " Looks like the entrance leading to the home is a cul-de-sac. Thus so long as the main door or the door or any openings, here do not face a straight path with the driveway towads the home is okay. For example, your proposed home should not look like this. Where the yellow zone is so exposed to the purple arrow. You wrote: "I will make the back door where my students enter larger and showier than the front door, which will look more plain. Is this a good idea??? " Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, one can take advanage of the creek view. And have the FRONTAGE of the house facing the creek (side) of the house. Especially if there are outstanding views, there. In such a situation; although the house-to-be will face SW; the actual facing direction or frontage as defined by Feng Shui could be NE direction.
  27. Dear Master, My friend’s house (painted in white) faces a 2 way road and directly opposite of another house whose door is painted reddish brown. I feel it is negative so I advised my friend to place a ba gua mirror on the outside, top of her front door facing that house to help with negative energies inside her house...am I wrong? (Btw her 17 year old daughter had fallen down the stairs inside the house which faved that front door and also has become very sick. Please...kindly advise. Thank you so much
  28. CHRIS

    Dear Cecil I am interested in a condo unit at Queens Condo. The unit is on 20th floor and facing MRT track, I attach the living room window view as below What the fengshui areas to note for this view?
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