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    1. For simplicity, in general, this can be considered a sha qi or poison arrow IF the outline of marking in red B (triangle) exactly faces towards your home's main door:- 2. As for the "TIP" as shown as marking "A" often it is more potent if the opening is exactly parallel with this "TIP":- 3. While the portion of "B" the actual triangle can range from any vertical "purple" height as shown above. 4. From your photo (while standing) at the main door opening (I think); it does look like a threat. Usual cure is often a convex mirror above the main door. While other alternative cures such as a 6 hollow rod wind chime may not be appropriate especially if the frontage of your home does not have a roof where it can be placed exactly in-front of the main door. 5. The above is usually the norm and often many Feng Shui (FS) practitioners will (may) call this a threat. Thus the idea of "Being safe than sorry" means that often a cure is proposed. 6. Few if any FS practitioners have never highlight that there is a possibility that both "A" and "B" has to be parallel with one's home in order to be a threat. This is why I mentioned under Para 1. "For simplicity....." And also above Para 5. 7. Frankly, in theory and based on the "science of Feng Shui", it CAN be a "threat" if it is only parallel with A and B. 8. Another way of looking at it from the "art of Feng Shui"; if one feels uneasy with the photo then it is considered closer to the "traditional" universal threat towards your home. Again, it is the " be safe than sorry"......thing!
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    1. Yes it is still a trapezium PLOT of land. However, under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, it is still acceptable to have the back of the land broader than the front. Not perfect but acceptable given that the home (based on the above) helicopter view is rectangular. 2. As the home is set-back and that this is a service road; the test of a vehicle ploughing especially towards the main entrance door is not a threat, this is a plus point. 3. High back (wall) does not seem threatening of a landslide - based on last photo given that it seems like the back (slope) is a solid concrete. 4. Thus not perfect but acceptable.. 5. As the neighbour's home as shown as marking "B": has "sharp corners"; from this photo: still does not seem to be an issue:- 5.1. But on the other hand house marked as "A" might or might not have poison arrow(s) if any aimed towards the home. Can't really tell from this photo.
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