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  1. Jui Residence single block looks "neat" and smart. And looks like it has retained the former National Aerated Water Company frontage (nice):- Jui Residences at 1117 Serangoon Road is located beside a drain at the former National Aerated Water Company (NAWC). In the past, NAWC produced Kickapoo Joy juice, Sinalco and Royal crown cola. Kickapoo Joy juice is still sold today. While Sinalco and Royal crown cola all but disappeared. What a waste that the iconic facade of the National Aerated Water Company has to be demolished. Many of such iconic Aerated Water Company facades were demolised .. Yeo Hiap Seng, Bukit Timah, Fraser and Neave at Delta Avenue... In the past those staying nearby to the former National Aerated Water Company would often see coloured dye poured into the Kallang River. Perhaps, then orange coloured water = Sinalco; another time Yellow for Kickapoo. This development is surrounded by Sim Choon Huat Temple and Mah Building (Refer to above map) (The proximity to this temple should be a concern if one is considering to purchase a unit near to Jui Residences) Above MAP: The purple dotted lines on this MAP shows the underground tracks of the NE MRT line. It is separated by Serangoon Roaf and the future Jui. As these modern tunnels are deep and isolated with concrete: no significant concern for Jui. There is a second-hand stainless steel furniture warehouse at 1249. One can still see second stainless steel stacked outside the premises or backyard. Don’t expect the usual retail mall experience, here. The site has not changed much other than there is no longer Woodsville circus; as it has been replaced by many traffic lights in all directions.
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