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Trying to sell my house


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Dear cecil,
I have seen at least couple of feng shui books which mention the tips about selling the house. eg.
1. One should paint the door red.
2. Hang a wind sock at the deck.
3. Keep boulders in the front of the home with blessings written on a piece of paper inside a red envelop and keep them underneath the boulders.
4. Change the color of dinning room to salmon color.
5.Remove the clearings from the stove top and put them in the red envelop and throw them in the water.
6. Hang wind chimes and crystals through out the house.
7. Change the color of the panelling.
Is any of this tip true. I am not selling my house but wanted to know since so many users
have asked this question on the forum. Thanks.

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Dear Jim,
As mentioned in the previous message to another user.
Selling a House does not really fall under Feng Shui. At best what you should do is keep the house bright and pleasing to look at and get a good real estate agent to help you advertise your home.
Other than that, there is very little you can do personally to help the sales except maybe to increase your personal luck by enhancing yourself with favourable elements. This way you might be able to increase your chance of getting a suitable buyer.
Warmest Regards
Robert Lee

On 10/19/99 1:24:29 PM, Anonymous wrote:
Found new house but having
trouble selling this house??
Any tips on getting the buyer?

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