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Does keeping crystals in the bedroom causes nightmares


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Dear Anon,
Please note the following:
1. Usually keeping a crystal would not cause a nightmare.
If one is talking about more than one crystals, it would depend. One way of checking this is to use the Flying Star Report and analyse that particular sector for any over influence or imbalance of the earth element.
Many FS practioners consider `crystal' as originating from the earth and we have in an earlier message covered that the earth element is associated with number 2 (sickness star) and 5 (misfortune star).
Here, the theory is that too much of the earth element would cause an imbalance at the sector.
It is thus not so much of nightmares but rather i.e. if Star 2 and 5 are present, star 2 will result in frequent sickness and Star 5 for misfortune.
In the modern world of us, many of us get hold of `wonder books' that tells us that crystals are excellent or wind chimes are excellent and then we oursleves (if I can call it crudely thru our `ichy fingers') spent money to buy these. It may not do us good but rather more harm.
In many ways, some people have even wished that they do not know of or give up on Feng Shui that does not work.
So long as we continue to understand that Feng Shui is not a `cure all', we need some reality check.. "come down to earth". Many a times, Feng Shui is not about spending more money also.
For a house audit, if one is not sure, best to consult a competent FS Master and do a one time survey. Unless there are any changes in the surroundings, one should not spent too much time on Feng Shui but rather concentrate on more important daily happenings in our life. These would eventually yield more fruitful results.
Here, if you asked me a question as to why I continue to try to answer questions is my hope that I can try to where possible `dispel' facts from superstitions or over indulgence.
Like yourself, if given the opportunity, would prefer to do other things. I guess, Feng Shui to me is like a hobby or passion.
Warmest Regards,

On 10/21/99 5:42:12 AM, Anonymous wrote:
Dear cecil,
Some body told me that keeping
crystals in the bedroom causes
nightmare. Is it true. Thanks.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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