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Festivals and holidays

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Dear Anon,
Yes, there are many festive holidays in the Chinese calendar.
In fact, too many to be listed out on this page. Practically each season has a few festive holidays.
As China in the past is more an agricultural country, many of the festivities are to `celebrate' e.g. the start of harvests etc...
In the near future, we will provide dates for each particular festivities celebrated.
A few of the more common festivities are:
1. The festival of the hungry ghosts - To applease these ghosts so that they do not make trouble for individuals on the earth. As in every 7th month of the Lunar Year, ghosts were said to be let out of the underworld and they may cause havoc.
This period is a NO NO for marriage, going `outdoors', renovations, buying /selling a house etc...
2. Cheng Meng
This is the day where family members visit the grave of a dear and beloved. Prior to this, the caretakers of the gravesite would be paid to clear the weeds and grass and tidy each grave.
When the family members pay a visit at the gravesite, they would offer offerings e.g. food, buring jost sticks, `underground' money or `fake money' where these are burned and `hoping' that the dead would receive it and use them.
3. Dragon Boat Festival and eating `dumplings' i.e. glutonious rice filled with meat fillings.
Besides the above, there are many many more festivities. But of course, there is no `public holidays' other than for Chinese Lunar New Year in countries like Singapore and Malaysia.
I believe, if you are really interested in such details can search the web for such books or browse your local library or book store on " Chinese Festivities ".
At a later date, once Robert has completed most of the program enhancements will make a program to highlight a specific festivity and duration.
For example, as the 7th month is an important taboo, this will be highlighted for those logging into the web.
Warmest Regards,

On 11/1/99 4:24:14 AM, Anonymous wrote:
Dear cecil,
What other festivals and
holidays chinese people
celebrate besides the lunar
year. Thanks.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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