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Feng Shui of Citylife EC by Ranking:
This is a past (completed) ranking exercise, done prior to the launch of Citylife EC.

On 5/3/2013 6:40:10 PM, Anonymous wrote:
This is a past (completed) ranking
exercise, done prior to the launch of
Citylife EC.On 5/3/2013 3:12:04 PM,
Sandy Sim wrote:
Hi Master,I can't
seems to
find any review on Citylife
Feng Shui. Do you mind helping
to do a review.Thanks,Sandpapa

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

1. Please take note thatthis development only has "facing" directions (standing inside the living room looking outwards) that are North or South. Thus for CityLife EC, there are totally no West Group facing units.

2. Block 51, stack 02 is closest to the road : Tampines Ave 9. While block 59 #17 is at the "busy" junction between Tampines Ave 7 and Ave 9. Thus DO expect "noise pollution" coming from vehicles and motorcycles using the road.
2.1 Thus those units having a suffix A (in the earlier ranking exercise plan) denote : "Expect some road noise = especially for LOWER floors and some noise even at higher floors".
2.2 Compared to pool facing, majority of the pool facing units are not affected by road noise either from Tampines Ave 9 and or Ave 7

Q) Under Feng Shui, is this EC has good shapes and form?
3. Frankly, it is very hard nowadays to find a perfect site that has excellent Shapes and Forms.
3.1. One plus point is that there are parks such as Sunplaza park (to the right of Tampines Ave 7) and unblocked view after Tampines Ave 9 (currently the heavy vehicle car parks).
3.2. However, major drawback is that Tampines Ave 9 is a conduit for vehicles entering or exiting the TPE and Pasir Ris thus during peak periods can be a busy and noisy road. Similarly, Tampines Ave 7 is one of the major artery roads from both directions on TPE towards Tampines Regional Centre. Thus again, this is no minor road.

Q) Does Feng Shui take into consideration block and unit numbering? or only the layout?
4. One can use this "Is your unit number auspicious?" to subsequently check which UNIT number is auspicious:-
4.1 For block numbers so long as they don't sound inauspicious especially to the Cantonese like Block 44 or Block 14 or some don't like Block 13. This will only affect the subsequent resale value should one try to resell these to those who are superstitious that's all.
4.2 In addition, the above unit number analysis does not take into consideration inauspicious sound like #13 or #14. In fact, to some others, this may be neutral.

In addition, traditionally, Chinese prefer high floors as compared to low floors. Thus the above free report should only be used as a guideline only.
Q) For the 4-bed room, bed room 4 is between the master bedroom toilet and common toilet. Is this bad as this might affect our decision to go for a 3-bed room instead.

In my opinion, this is not a major issue at all provided a home should not have 3 or more major leaks.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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How time flies!

Could still remember the canal beyond Tampines Avenue 9, a cycling dirt track = no more. During my first visit to this estate in year 2016.

And during a recent visit at Block 55 (North facing unit) could only see HDB Taminese GreenVerge blocks 622B, 623C and 622.  Indeed what a pity. (Pretty soon looks like Minimum Occupation Period M.O.P. is a year ahead only).

From Key collection till maximum of 2023, luck sectors will change locations especially on/from 2024 till 2043:-


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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