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Cecil Lee

The Commerze@Irving, 1 Irving Place

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The Commerze is like an office cum warehouse.
But at level 2; the arrangement is quite "unusual" or rarely seen. Here, it is visible accessible from the frontage with two sets of escalators: one going up and the other going downwards.
To bring people up to the entire level 2 - floor. Here, when one enters the glass swing door; there is a long winding passageway - at the front towards the other side of the building with the toilets and lifts.
What is unusual is the pretty narrow passageway - not that friendly to more than two persons walking side-by side or someone trying to pass each other. Perhaps, all the units frontage are in glass, perhaps to make the crammed area less castrophobic.
A cafe has sprouted, in this floor. Not sure, how long it would last given that it does not look that comfortable environment.
More likely, for such a retail site, people would normally zoom in to a specific unit; perhaps get what they want and scoot away.... Time will tell, if this type of crammed concept would take-off or a total flop!

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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