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HDB Tampines Greenflora BTO launched in February 2017

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Case Study: Location of Central rubbish bins (recycle + common) for Blocks 874B and 874D

1. Block 874C's central rubbish bins are located in the most common location: centrally located facing the twin lifts at the lift lobby.

1.1. This block layout design or trend started in the mid 1980's and continue till today. Thus, many flats constructed in 1990s and even 2000's are similar to that of block 874C design. 

1.2. A good thing about this block design is that no main door of a unit has to face an extremely long straight path of a common corridor.

1.3. The difference is that in the last 3 years, many HDB BTOs began to have two bin chutes: Recyle and another for common waste that's all.



2. Block 874D's central rubbsh bin location means that the leasees of stacks 32, 34 and 36 ; plus future tenants would have to live with such a configuration for the rest of their lifes if they chose to stay in the same unit:-


2.1. Please take a look above illustration.

2.2. The main entrance door of unit #32 would be facing the exposed two central rubbish bins on a daily basis.

2.3. Stack #34 also don't fare too well. As the central rubbish bins are also in full view if their door is ajar or leaving the unit.

2.4. Stack 36: Need to pass this central rubbish bin to get to their main door. And just when one stands in front of the main door; to the right is the open area where one of the bins can be seen.

3. For Block 874B (see below):



3.1. The worst stack has to be stack #14. Where the main entrance door opens to one of unconcealed rubbish bins.

3.2. Stack 12 is also not that ideal. But is much better off than stack #14. Since the central bin area is enclosed by a solid wall. Thank God, it could have been worse. If we follow the earlier Block 874D's design.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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