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Cecil Lee

Appreciate your kind understanding: Please review stack #18 or Please compare stack #18 with #20 or Can share your comments on Blk 20.

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Please do not unintentionally post a question that involves preparation, study and troubleshooting. 835D71DE-C2D5-4D75-A35F-CB980B812D63.png.2eaa1759d60fa747501fe66361b70224.pngUnfortunately there are just too many similar requests on this posted daily to this forum. 

Appreciate your kind understanding, here:57656E5A-02E1-4C36-8227-9C8B0EA04EDB.gif

Many forum users: local and overseas, come here to understand concepts and seek clarifications.

As much as we like to: majority of users are simply not interested in a local unit in some parts of this tiny red dot island. We also have other priorities and commitments.

In summary, these are some guidelines:2DB93386-945B-43C2-8B7D-26446D413F4E.png

Hope you understand that such postings will not be approved/replied to.

So please don’t be disappointed with us as it is not possible to  reply on to so many of such questions.

If still want to go ahead and post such questions, do so. Akin to posting to a blackhole.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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