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Covid-19 : Stay Safe Everyone! Take Care!

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The Sinopharm vaccine is more than 90 per cent effective at keeping people infected with the coronavirus out of hospital, according to a study conducted in Abu Dhabi.
Authorities said the research found a significant decrease in the rate of new Covid-19 infections among people who received a second dose of the vaccine in the emirate.
The study, conducted by Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, found the vast majority of those who were infected after completing the course suffered mild symptoms and did not require treatment in hospital.
The efficacy of vaccination in reducing the need to be admitted to an ICU is 95 per cent
Abu Dhabi Government Media Office
The vaccine was found to be 93 per cent effective in preventing hospitalisation and 95 per cent effective against admission to intensive care, according to the research.
No deaths were recorded among people who received all doses required, Abu Dhabi Media Office said.
“The study found the efficacy of vaccination in preventing hospitalisation is 93 per cent, while the efficacy of vaccination in reducing the need to be admitted to an ICU is 95 per cent.
“The study found no deaths related to Covid-19 have been recorded in patients who received all doses required.”

It is not known when the study was conducted or how many people were included in the research.
Immunity against the coronavirus is best achieved through vaccination and by sticking to precautionary measures designed to restrict the spread of the virus, the researchers said.
The study also found immunity is not guaranteed after infection.
The researchers said the risk of contracting the virus increases as the virus mutates, and that the chances of the virus mutating increase with its spread.
There is also a possibility that the infection may lead to long-term health complications.
A healthcare worker gives an injection of Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine to a man at the Guru Nanak Darbar gurudwara, a Sikh temple in Dubai. AFP / Karim SAHIB
Sinopharm vaccine in UAE: how effective is it against Covid-19 and are there side effects?
Sinopharm may offer immunity for up to six months but more research needed, top UAE official says
The study found post-Covid-19 syndrome, also known as long Covid, “may affect some senior citizens, people with chronic diseases, and even healthy individuals”.
“Complications include damage to multiple organs, blood clots, and other complications that may require long-term medical attention,” the media office said.
In a discussion by video about the pandemic on Sunday, Dr Farida Al Hosani, official spokeswoman of the UAE health sector and director of the Communicable Diseases Department at Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, said the vaccines available in the country are “among the best in the world”.
She said the UAE aims to expand vaccine treatment help the population acquire immunity.
She also stressed the importance of vaccination to reduce infections to protect the elderly and children.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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The Salk Institute came out with a study on April 30th saying the actual SPIKE PROTEIN (a key part of COVID poison vaccines) is a driver of disease.

Also, COVID is primarily a vascular disease, not respiratory.  In other words , researchers KNEW nothing when they made the vaccine LAST YEAR ... AND this is being shot into millions of humans.



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Latest news out of friends in China 

According to news reports, today there are three Chinese working in India, After returning home from India via Nepal, the initial tests were negative when they arrived in Chongqing, but the doctor still had doubts, so he gave them a CT scan. They were found to have lesions in their lungs and confirmed to be a triple variant of the Indian virus, proving that this Indian super variant can evade current testing, However, most of the checkpoints are only conducted by ordinary tests. Hong Kong and most other countries do not require immigrants to undergo CT scans and do not have sufficient time and resources to do so. If the estimate is correct, we believe that the fifth wave of super virus outbreak will soon appear in Hong Kong and the world!
Message from Singapore:
* virus is back *.
This time there is more energy,
Tactics and camouflage.
The infected person does not cough and has no fever.
* This time the symptoms are joint pain, weakness and loss of appetite. * 
Death rates are higher and the time to reach critical is shorter.
Sometimes without symptoms. ..
Be careful. ..!
This strain does not reside in our nasopharyngeal region!
So no more prodromal symptoms such as loss of smell or taste, it attacks the lungs directly, shortening the onset time.
Many patients who do not have a fever,
But X-rays showed moderate chest pneumonia!
Nasal mucosa sieve test often shows COVID19 negative!
More and more false throat and nasal findings.
(COVID19) This means that the virus spreads directly to the lungs, causing acute respiratory distress (hypoxia) from viral pneumonia!
This explains why it became acute and so much more deadly!
Fever may become severe.
Please note:
* Avoid crowded places *
* Keep social distance *
* puts on mask *,
* Wash your hands often with hand soap or soap *.
This outbreak is more deadly than the last one, and caution must be exercised,
*Don't neglect*!

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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