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Period Flying Stars and Annual Flying Stars

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Hi Master

just read somewhere that annual flying star matters more. Is that true? If my house period flying star is very good, does that means i do not need to care about annual flying stars? Or if my house has bad period flying stars, it is best that i move?

Best regards


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image.png.b4263505651cf15196be819aed707637.pngTwo Principles of Feng Shui can explain this:

1. Feng Shui By Exception.
2. It Depends!

1. Feng Shui By Exception and Annual Stars

1.1. For example, for some clients who requests for annual Feng Shui visits, often a Feng Shui Master will zoom in on the annual locations of #5 = Misfortune/sickness, #2 = Sickness, #3 = Quarrels, conflicts and legal entanglements, #7 = Robbery/theft of wealth and finally under Period 8 = #8 = Auspicious wealth star for the year.

2. It Depends! on the Interior Layout Plan

2.1. Period (20 Year Flying Stars): Where are the #5's, #2's, #3's, #7's and their location.

2.2. For example under the Period Stars: The Master Bedroom already has e.g. MS#5 with WS#2. And if Annual Star is also e.g. #5, then can say this "annual flying stars" matters.

image.png.d90859c10ab7ae72407f496f7d0195b3.png.79d4eacc67629a9c77bdbee15e70ee28.png2.3. But if the Master Bedroom has MS #8 = current prosperity with WS #1 = future prosperity; then even Annual Star #2 flies in, then not as bad.

3. Therefore, the layout, the Period Flying Stars are to be looked at in relation to what number of the Annual Flying Stars for that year.  

4. Therefore, You wrote: "just read somewhere that annual flying star matters more." Technically is not wrong. Neither is it a One-size fits all. 

"Forms determine the stars, the stars determine the interior + timely stars e.g. annual, monthly ... can be considered to fine tune the Period Stars". Got it, Get it. LOL

P.S. Responsible Feng Shui Masters will often advice MOST of their clients that there is no need for annual Feng Shui audits. 

Usually more for clients who suddenly in that year find things not smooth. Or some clients do insists on an annual visits.

Why so?

For example, every year, we have say an additional 400 clients. And it is not possible for us to do annual audits for existing clients as well as 400+ added on each year.

As there are just so few months to Chinese New Year (CNY) + it is not possible for us to slice ourselves into a few pieces and visit all clients within this window for an annual visits, right? 

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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