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Hi Shi Fu! 

I can't seem to find any feng shui information on the hdb - fernspring. I'm intending to buy a resale flat there but am unsure if its a good plot of lane/a good unit. Would you be able to advise me? I'm looking at block 403c, mid level. I have been looking at the units in fern spring during my property search. 

Only manage to find the site plan from this forum - https://www.geomancy.net/forums/topic/16469-hdb-sengkang-fernvale-lane-blocks-403-and-404/

I'm not sure if the topiary condo structure will kinda negate the fengshui of the house as its just beside block 403c. 



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1. The relationship with the Tapestry (good or bad) depends on where the potential unit is in relation to the unit you may want to purchase.

2. The greater concern is the future road branching off from Yio Chu Kang parallel to Gerald Drive (formerly Woodbridge Road).

3. If you have seen, the MSCP Block 404  is purposely curved to accommodate this future road that will ultimately link it to the other end = Buangkok Drive that runs towards the KPE.

4. As mentioned earlier each unit is governed by the bell curve. Fern Spring is no different.

5. This was the first few developments at Fernvale also to accommodate the resettlement of the former vibrant Blocks 1 to 4 across the street. Where pre 2000’s hose a market, food centre .. Post Office , POSB, McDonalds... etc. Today, Greenwich and the residential condos...




Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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