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Selection of Auspicious Dates for First-Time Open Door/Move-In/Start of Renovation - SGD $68


1. You can order online:-

URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/product/41-selection-of-auspicious-dates-for-first-time-open-doormove-instart-of-renovation/

NOTE: The default pricing on the website is USD, click on show pricing in SGD for SGD pricing.

2. Or pay directly Credit Card Payment via:-


3. Or PayNow Bank Transfer

Mobile: 97853171
Paynow Name: Cecil Lee


1. Need the owners info (if single) or both owners & spouse info:-

Name / Gender / Western Date and Time of Birth (if Lunar must clearly as such)
Name western is fine as this is for Feng Shui not name analysis.

2. Time of birth can be given between:

1 to 2.59; am or pm
3 to 4.59; am or pm
5 to 6.59; am or pm
7 to 8.59; am or pm
9 to 10.59 am or pm

For example:-

Cannot be between 2pm to 5pm thus should be either:-

[   ] 1pm to 2.59pm or
[   ] 3pm to 4.59pm

3. Date Range of when you plan to move in (ie Jan 2021 Dec 2021).

4. Whatsapp +65 98355734 or If via e-mail to: support@geomancy.net

Let me know via sms/whatsapp once u emailed so that I can monitor it (just to make sure there is no missed communications due to spam/junk mail filters etc). Thank You.

My brother Robert (+65 98355734) handles this, so he will follow up with you.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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