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8 Mansion vs Flying star

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Dear Anon,

Generally, Eight Aspiration / Eight House / Flying Star are part of what is known as the compass school of feng shui.

1. Eight Aspiration where the directions for the various sectors are always fixed based on the bagua direction is the least important of the many concepts.

2. Eight House is more personalised thatn Eight Aspiration where each person depending on the year of birth, will have a certain 4 good and 4 bad directions. This helps you determine whether a house or sector of a home generally suits you or not. If a house has excellent feng shui but it doesn't suit you then, you get very little luck from the house itself.

3. Flying Star is something like a birth chart of the house itself. Similiar to like Ba Zi is a chart of a person's luck. This concepts helps you determine where are the good sectors and bad sectors in a home itself. It does not consider any suitability to any individual person. But generally, helps you determine the various magnetic influence, ie where is your potential wealth sectors, where you should position your water feature. It also helps you determine where there are potential sickness related stars or the various stars (ie sickness, robbery, misfortune, lawsuits etc.)

So in general, you should always use flying star to help correct existing problems. Ensure that the house at least should be suitable to you and that all family members have a suitable bedroom etc.

Eight Aspiration is only applied when all Flying Star and Eight House requirements are done. This is because Eight Aspiration such as South-West is Romance sector are very static templates. Why I say this is imagine, what this concept tells you is that for everyone on this earth your romance sector is South-West. So this means that say in an office if there is a particular girl that other male colleagues like, they all rush to follow this tip that by placing 99 roses in the South-West sector of the home, they will automatically get the heart of the girl. Unfortunately, this will never work simply because it is simply too general a concept.

when choosing a house? The 8

mansion indicate that north is

related to career & wealth

but period 8 flying star

indicate the NW & SE is

the better chose.

So in this case for example, you will of course choose a house which is NW & SE facing for best house feng shui, then ensure that your eight house is suitable.

The only additional analysis which isn't considered is the external Shapes and Forms. You must always remember, that matter how nicely you do up your interior of the home, but if your surrounding and exterior building is collapsing or run-down, then no matter how much you enhance within your home, it will not help you that much.

This is why despite having all these compass schools, the most important in a home is not the interior, but rather the external factors. If you can get house with excellent external factors (ie a house with receive position, then you already have won half the battle in choosing a good home.) Only then should you focus on your interior.

Hope that helps.

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee
GEOMANCY.NET - Center for Applied Feng Shui Research

On 8/17/2004 3:34:02 AM, Anonymous wrote:

Dear Master Cecil

I wish to understand more

about the 8 mansion and flying

star. Which one will preceed

when choosing a house? The 8

mansion indicate that north is

related to career & wealth

but period 8 flying star

indicate the NW & SE is

the better chose.

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