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Bazi and birthdays-US time or other?


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Dear Reyla,

reyla faubion wrote:
Just wanted to know on the bazi analysis software, when you plug in your birthday is it your birthday US time, Singapore time or other? I'm confused bec. I could be born on the 12th in US time but it might be th 13th Singapore time.

In general, adjusting GMT time zone isn't the right or proper way to adjust location factor.

In fact, the only true way is to apply the long. and lat. of birth. However, even this if you add just 1 degree off, your chart can be even less accurate than if you do not consider this at all. Furthermore, who actually records the exact long. and lat. of birth when you are born. Even if you are born within a hospital, a different location within the hospital also will give you a different long. and lat. of birth.

Ba zi, was created such that even if you leave out the hour of birth, it will still be able to give you a pretty accurate forecast of what luck you are suppose to be born with. So really, there is no need to make any adjustment. It is best to just use your local time of birth for analysing the ba zi. This would be enough.

After all, a person luck is affected by 3 types of luck:-

1. Heaven Luck - luck you are supposed to be born with.

2. Earth Luck - luck from your home and surrounding.

3. Human Luck - luck from your own hard work and relationship with others.

Thus, a ba zi does isn't designed to predict accurately what you may have encountered (based on your history), but rather to assess what type of luck you are supposed to have, and when are the ups and downs to look out for. Even if a ba zi luck period shows you have good luck but if your earth luck influence is bad, your given luck will be affected.

So if you understand this, ba zi is more just to determine what element you belong to, how to harmonise yourself to the environment, and when best to take advantage of your luck. The rest depends a lot on the earth and human luck.

So to summarise, you just need to use your local time when generating any of the reports on our website. Each different tools you use will compensate the inaccuracy or flaws of each tool. That is why it is more important to use a variety of tools rather than just one assessment tool for a comprehensive feng shui assesment.

Hope that helps.

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee
GEOMANCY.NET - Center for Applied Feng Shui Research

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