Dear Demo,

1. All Family Members Summary

Parents would benefit greatly if the baby is of Wood baby. However, you have a Strong Wood from your second son. So the entire family will benefit if the baby is a Earth or Metal baby. However, priority must go to the baby having good ba zi, rather than being suitable to the parents. So other elements may still be acceptable even though Earth or Metal baby would be the best for family harmony.

2. Summary Analysis

l        baby_date_summary.htm

3. Auspicious Baby Luck. Hours in Bold are better and more balanced hours.

3-1) 7 May 2006 C Strong Fire

        Morning Baby (All hours Auspicious, Balanced Hour 3-5)

        Afternoon Baby (7-9)

4. Generally, there is no perfect chart, more wealth type or better luck type may have more health issues. More balanced chart, may not have the greatest wealth. So finding a perfect balance type of chart would probably be most ideal.

Best Ba Zi Luck Dates:-

3-1) 7 May 2006 C Strong Fire

Pros: 60-years of big luck, lots of Wealth (especially Unexpected Wealth), Determination, Emotional Intelligence, Good People to People Skill.
Cons: Some hours may have 0% of some element, which means more potential health issues. But if you go for balanced five element, this chart is overall considered very good.

        Morning Baby (All hours Auspicious, Balanced Hour 3-5)

        Afternoon Baby (7-9)

5. Overall, I find that 7 May is best.

My recommendation would be to go for

u    7 May at 3-5am / 7-9pm

6. Feel free to contact me (+65) 9835-5734 should you have any queries.

7. Reference reports

l        baby_bazi_summary.htm

Hope that helps.

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee