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Best Site on the Web -

Posted in: Community :: Share your personal experiences Posted on: Mon, 10 Mar 2003, 07:53 AM,

Dear Cecil,

After browsing many many feng shui sites, I came to one conclusion: your site is the most sensible, reasonable and helpful one of all. I've been to sites where they want to sell you just about anything and everything. The information they are willing to give is so trivial and one senses that the only thing they are interested in is to make money and sell you products that might and might not fit in with your decor or your culture, and of course doesn't serve the purpose of curing and or enhancing.

Sorry for the long message, but I have a friend who spent a fortune buying all types of figurines to cure then to enhance and then eventually all she got was more figures on her credit card and no luck!

I believe that what one should do is get your advise first because it makes so much sense and it is always sincere. I also believe that people should buy things that pleases their eye and provide a sense of beauty and blanace.

Again sorry for the long message and thank you for a wonderful site. Luna Ghobar Jordan

Desperate Times -

Posted in: Community :: Share your personal experiences Posted on: Thu, 07 Jun 2007, 03:23 AM

Normally, when things go very smoothly for people, things like Ba Zi, Fate, Karma or Feng Shui don't count. Only when things go really,really BAD do people start to delve deeply into these, only when it's TOO LATE to cure the problem. And in an act of sheer desperation, they will TRY and BUY anything just to get themselves out of their very deep troubles, without really first understanding WHAT they are getting into just to get themselves OUT of their miseries. Unfortunately, I was one of them.I have had more than enough of my share of problems for the past two years, which were so far the MOST problematic times of my life. So, after seeing and EXPERIENCING more trouble in early 2007, I went into panic mode. Bought this, moved that, did this because this site said so, did that because that book said so. So far, I have yet to see any tangible changes in my life or in my luck. It's probably Fate that showed me this site on my 37th birthday. Maybe Fate is telling me "GO THROUGH THIS SITE CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO DO ANY MORE QUICK FIXES AND BUY SOME MORE ODD THINGS". I hope those who read this will do the same. This site will enlighten people,as it has enlightened me. Forum User:

How did all the Great Feng Shui Masters of the Past Learn & Practise their Feng Shui?

Learn How Greatest Masters...
  • 1. All Great Feng Shui Masters of the past, are all humans, like you and me!
  • 2. In the past, many Feng Shui Masters learn Feng Shui from various books and also through their experience.
  • 3. What is common amongst all the Greatest Feng Shui Masters was that they practice Feng Shui with an open mind, willing to learn and their key success factor is to apply what they felt could work most of the time and discard those theories or concepts that don't work most of the time.

  • 4. All the Classical works on Feng Shui has never used products such as crystals or many of the commercial products found today! In fact, our grand-parents time, crystals were not even invented, then! Feng Shui is about our earth luck and how best we can harmonise ourselves to our environment. Thus many of the products have no magical properties. And the sellings are only trying to enrich themselves since these products are highly marked-up with very high profits to be made.

Nowadays, with the vast resources and easy access via the internet, Feng Shui is no longer a secret. Thus, becareful of people who still call Feng Shui "secret" or "magical"! Frankly, they are pulling a fast-one on us!

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Is There Anything Magical About Figurines?

Source Link Posted in: Info :: Caricatures: Laughter is good medicine Posted on: Mon, 24 Apr 2000, 21:37 PM,

Many of us read that buying figurines such as the three-legged toad would immediately `grant' us luck and wealth.

In my opinion:-

1. Buying such objects are just like buying any ordinary items or objects to decorate the house.

If you really love the shape and design of the object, buy it to decorate your house.

2. These objects does not have magical powers.

3. It is worth the while, saving the money for a rainy day or think of your child and instead, place the money in your child's piggy bank. At least, you are investing in your child's future.

4. For those who go out and purchase it with your credit card, and now having mounting bills, is it worth the while?

5. For myself, I sometimes collect lovely pieces of Chinese porcelain figurines. But it is also a hobby and there is certainly no magical powers associated with them. I love looking at them, once a while:)

Ask the Feng Shui practitioner selling products: "Does your product comes with a guarantee? For example, after I had purchased it, will I win $10,000 in a lottery?" Yes/No??

Sellers of Products Aims to Cheat Us of our Hard-earned $$$$!

Many Feng Shui practitioners turn to selling products because it is very lucrative to make "lots of money!"

More importanly, these products are often produced cheaply but sold at high mark-ups! Frankly, in my opinion, I feel that these sellers have no shame to link such products in the name of "Feng Shui".

In my opinion, try to avoid associating with such practitioners! "If the buying stops! The selling can!"

Whenever you want to consider taking up a Feng Shui question: Ask the practitioner "DO YOU SELL PRODUCTS?" Or simply check out their website!

It is a real pity that some Feng Shui practitioners started-off "clean" but today, they try to push any products in-the-name-of-Feng-Shui! What a pity! Greed begets greed! Buy it ONLY if one likes it as a decoration, nothing else!

Source Link

Posted in: Private :: Info :: What other's say about us? Posted on: Wed, 12 May 2004, 11:28 AM

" will NEVER compromise standards or our professionalism with the notion of making money from selling products directly or thru so called referrals."

If you are visting any Geomancy / Feng Shui websites, often try to check out what products they are selling to guage the authencity of a Geomancy website. "

Many would ask: "Why not make extra money at user's expense. Our reply would be NEVER! " Cecil Lee (hmm.. unless over my dead body!)

-- Extract of REPLY TO e-mail message --

Dear "name removed",

Thank you for your interest in working with us.

However, we have a strict policy of not selling any products on our website.This is so as to allow us to provide only professional consultation services without being influenced about selling additional products.

Hope you understand.

Warmest Regards Robert Lee

--- FROM e-mail message --

"name-removed" wrote in message

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I am in the business of doing landscaping and water features. There have been a growing trend of people having a water feature to enhance their fengshui in their home. Do visit my site for more information : removed...

I am interested to advertise my website in your site. I am also hopeful that we can co operate in other way. That is, I hope that you can refer clients that are interested to do a water feature to me. If the deal is clinched, commission will be paid to you. This will serve as an extra income to you.

Please contact me at HP no. (removed) or reply to this email.

I sincerely hope that we can explore this opportunity together.

Regards, name removed 10 May 2004

"Does Your Feng Shui Practitioner Sells Products?" Check out their website or Ask them!

Only, when the buying STOPS!; The Selling CAN!

Only, if each of us boycott useless commercial products in the "name of Feng Shui", can we get rid of unscrupulous sellers of products. Whose only purpose is to enrich their pockets at our expense!

If you love the item as part of your interior decor, fine. Otherwise, STOP the buying!

Best still, boycott these so called "Feng Shui Masters"! In my opinion, by selling these products, they have low regard or thing that all of us are so naive as to believe in them! Spread the message, Now!

Feng Shui itself is a complex subject. And we do not want to be distracted by all these "useless" products!

In all Classical Feng Shui text, things like crystals, three-legged toad are never found in them. Feng Shui is to some a complex but in general is a harmonious flow outside and within our homes and surroundings.

Don't fall for The Feng Shui Trap

Posted in: Info :: Feng Shui Tips & Guidelines Posted on: Thu, 20 Jan 2000, 07:34 AM, Quote & Reply

Before I elaborate on the Feng Shui Trap, it is very common for many of us to fall prey to purchasing a fountain, wind chimes etc.. in the hope that we can become `wealthy'.

It is often elaborated that one does not really need to spent money under Feng Shui.

What I mean is that, rather than hoping for auspiciousness to come to us by purchasing fountains etc... but should we not try to (in the first) place, if we can neutralise bad influences.

If we do not do so, no matter how much we buy to ehance ourselves, we will ultimately like many people have found out fall into the Feng Shui `trap'.

Hope that you can ponder over what I have said. This has been elaborated many times in this forum.

Frankly, if I also did not fall into a different `Feng Shui Trap', where there are so many false `teachings' or practises, I certainly wish not to be so closely related to Feng Shui.

So far, I would do the most sensible thing:

1. Try to find an excellent house;

2. If there is no such thing as an excellent house, and if there is a poison arrow, cure it.

3. A while back, I suddenly fell ill. Robert decided to use the Flyings Star report to analyse the location where I often work. we located the sickness star, placed the 6 coins (scotched tape) it on a red packet. This proved effective.

4. I had the two beautiful plants on the balcony and they continously bloom.

Other than this, I am really no fan or crazy over Feng Shui.

I hope you can see at which point, I try to pay emphasis on the use of Feng Shui. And in many areas, if it becomes a taboo, or a ritual, lets forget about Feng Shui.

Warmest Regards, Cecil


Source Link Posted in: Info :: Caricatures: Laughter is good medicine Posted on: Thu, 06 Jun 2002, 09:41 AM

This is an untold story about crystals.

Unlike GOLD, there are what is known as FOOL's GOLD...

Actually, I had written sometime back about the classification of crystals ... that they were never used in authentic Feng Shui until some clever souls decided to sell them .. making fools of everyone.. thinking that they are FS goodies....

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Even my Pet dog has something to say about Commercial Products -]

Figurines are commercial products.... and see how the pet dog feels about them.

A Very Special Feng Shui Jewelry

Yeah! This is really Bull-shit! Another modern commercial invention!

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