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Another Semi-circular Floor Tiling....

It is common to find many new homes, with semi-circular floor tiles at the frontage of the home... Here, it is considered as the equivalent of the "Ming Tang" or Bright Hall effect....

8. Some homes use this type of semi-circular floor tile area to act as a modern "Ba gua". Symbolic if a curved knife (top down view) slicing away from the home - as a protection. Thus even if the neighbour places a ba gua mirror, you already have a protection. (However, this addition may be considered "illegal" as it does occupy some of common corridor space. (Don't get caught or some one complaint will do).

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9. Better still, there is another "technique" known as a "nose" or "protuding nose", please check out the attachment "CIRCLED in RED."

Here, if ONLY thicker material(s) like granite or marble is used at the front entrance area, it can protude out a little i.e. a "nose" much like a "an edge of a knife" or symbolic of a "karate chop" below the main entrance area. This serves as a "silent" protection in-case a neighbour places a ba gua mirror of any kind above their door. This "straight" method can be combined with the "illegal" Para 8, or simply used alone ... in a straight line "nose" effect. These are modern symbolic methods of "stealth mode" protection... coupled with a slight raised "platform" as shown in the attachment.

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