On-site or Off-site Existing Commercial / Industrial Office (Moved-in already)

Information Needed from you

Furnish us with:-

     Existing Layout Plan (if this is an off-site audit, please include the North-South  compass direction indicated on the plan and/or landscape plan)
     Photos of the building and surrounding areas. (Applicable for off-site audit)
     Date and (optional time of birth) of director(s) and manager(s).

Who will make the recommendations?

Master Cecil Lee will make the recommendations of:-

     Profile and colours for the signage
     Auspicious dates for renovation
     Proposed layout of furniture

Time Frame

     7-10 days (if you require urgently); if not 10-15 days.

Flexible Payment Method

Payment can be by Cash / Personal Cheque or even by Credit Card.

Affordable Pricing

Please e-mail us at support@geomancy.net for a quotation.

Please note that: The fees for overseas consultation do not include airfare and accommodation.

Any Questions? Call Master Cecil Lee at (65) 9785-3171 for more information or to arrange an appointment. Or e-mail us at support@geomancy.net


Book Appointment

Call Master Cecil Lee at
(65) 9785-3171

Or drop us an e-mail at

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