Three RED FLAGS to take note: Case Study 1. Practical approach to Feng Shui, Today 1. You can use this check-list to ask your potential Feng Shui Master (FSM) what type of concepts that he/she will use to access your home. 2. Recently, a new client showed me her former FSM’s audit report of her home 3. All the FSM did was take an existing copy of the house layout and just look at the final piece of work. (Note: Sensitive information of my new client's report was masked out in RED):- 3.1. Based on my observation: the geomancer use one concept Compass School Feng Shui. 3.2. Compass School Feng Shui: a. Eight House or Eight Mansions with Flying Stars. 4. For a full comprehensive  Feng Shui audit (usually 2 visits or more - other than a simple peace-of-mind 1 visit) 4.1. You should instead be provided with lots more: 5. It is only right to insist that the FSM provide something useful. 6. understands your needs and ensure that you get full value for what you paid for. 7. The reason is that few (if any) can remember an hour and a half to Two hours worth of advice! 6. In addition; if you engage an ID; you bring your proposals with you for the discussion(s). 6.1 And even pass the ID a copy of our detailed and colourful reports. 7. Feng Shui is no longer like the past where a geomancer simply scribbles on a sheet of paper. 8. Or the poor you or your poor partner; has to become an exhausted secretary for that day. 9. A hidden benefit of an FSM preparing detailed proposals shows that the FSM cares for you and your family:

10. Here, the FSM takes an effort to properly prepare e.g. Individual Ba Zi reports, Eight House, Flying Star etc.. 11. And begin to analyse and complete your review. 12. During the meeting to discuss your proposals e.g. Options 1 & 2; minimal writing is needed. And more time spent to look at the proposals and additional alternatives given that all the templates are clearly spelt out.