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  1. Photos taken on 15 December 2018
  2. Cecil Lee

    HDB West Plains @Bukit Batok

    Photos taken on 15 December 2018.
  3. Cecil Lee

    First Time Open Door Procedure: New Home

    Another display variation. There are no correct answers
  4. Cecil Lee

    HDB West Rock @ Bukit Batok

    Recently T.O.P.
  5. Cecil Lee

    Feng Shui of West Edge HDB (Bukit Batok)

    More photos taken from West Edge Open air sky bridge... only during sunny skys
  6. Cecil Lee

    Feng Shui of West Edge HDB (Bukit Batok)

    Partially T.O.P
  7. Boss, can I ask if I keep song birds like shama (long tail) ok for me and my home? No impact right? Reply: Not Feng Shui. But stigma of caging up birds.
  8. Cecil Lee

    First Time Open Door Procedure: New Home

    Question on Move-in custom:-- Hi Master Lee, good morning. I'm moving in tomorrow. May I ask: I'm referring to the handbook u shared: 1. if i not bringing a charcoal stove, a piece of charcoal wrap in red paper ok as well? Do i need to keep this piece of charcoal in the house? 2. the items such as pineapple, fa gao etc, after bring in house, put at stove? When can discard if not eating? 3. if i following religious procedures from parents to burn the gold paper, these praying items to put in house before move in? As in don't bring when move in? Reply:- 1. if not bring. then no need piece of charcoal. But make sure that tomorrow the actual kitchen stove must be used. Can be boil water or cook something 2. Pineapple can anytime consume. Such as keep in the fridge and makan anytime. Fa Gao if it is new and edible, each family member just get a small bite. and can throw away. but if it does not look appertising then two or three days later throw, throw 3. Can do so. But becareful of smoke detectors around. Such things based on common sense as no bible or procedures for these
  9. You wrote: Does that mean that we should avoid stack 40, 41, 48, 49 (given their proximity to the central rubbish chute) if we are looking to purchase a 2 bedroom premium? 1. If one has the time, can read some of the information, here:- 1.1 For example: "Bcos my old hse is near rubbish chute i didn't notice. 1st timer dunno blur blur. I had a hard time selling n sold it 20k cheaper than my neighbor....." Although this belongs to a HDB upgrader, even near not next to also can affect re-sale value.. 1.2 In the above link I have given other reasons for not having a unit's main entrance door beside a rubbish bin chute at the lobby. 2. In the future, some buyers THEMSELVES and/or even potential buyers [PB] (if they do bring a Feng Shui master) along.. may ask the PB to skip such a unit or entire stacks with such a layout plan. 3. It is your entitlement to get your respective ERA representative to get the block plan with the lifts and rubbish bin(s). Else, skip this ERA rep. And demand for another one. Most of the time, the ERA rep will surely oblige. To them it's potential commission lost. 4. I remember clearly, a client who was about to book a premium unit at La Fiesta! And after I told him to check, he found out that really the the common rubbish bin is beside the unit! He managed to book another unit. Since, it is at the Option to purchase stage and he was about to hand over a cheque for the unit. 5. At PARC Esta one of my clients wanted to purchase larger units. And since they are not affected by the rubbish bin(s). He did not dig deeper into the actual location of these bins. Since they are clustered beside the central core area together within the lift area. 5.1. Thus what I am saying is do check for stacks 40, 41, 48, 49. Hopefully the units are not either beside or facing the bins. But if they do, then do think twice. A disadvantage of Tower Blocks or Point Blocks with common rubbish bin(s):- And Yes! There are no corners to begin with...
  10. Hi master I am changing my tv console backing in the living room glass panel is it ok? Currently is just normal laminate ChangingFrom laminate material to glass panel Reply: Frankly this has more do to with common sense. For example, most people use 1st choice = matt finished laminates. Even if the laminate is glossly, it is not as reflective as glass surface. Thus if you have strong or spot lights, the lights may bounce from the glass panel (depending) on the rays of the light. Up to you. But suddenly, need to wear polarised spectacles.. to block from the glare, then... don't ask why Another common sense factor is that: should the TV be mounted on the wall or glass panel, how to drill holes. Or even if can drill holes, in the future change TV set. How to drill holes into glass. For example, Sony TV uses it own proprietory mounting piece. They don't know how to drill into glass to mount it.
  11. Sample layout as explained above:- With full view of the sink and stove
  12. Note: Li Chun was traditionally an important day for farmers in China. The farmers would pray and hope for a good plentiful & successful harvest with the arrival of spring!
  13. Li Chun on 4 February 2019: Best times to deposit money if you want to ‘Prosper’ in 2019? This is a modern invention! or Fake News! FAQ: Must I visit the bank or can I do a transfer from one bank account to another? Reply: As this is Fake News, it does not matter! If one has nothing better to do; then please go queue at the bank lah! Furthermore, no logic to transfer from an account (withdrawal) = isn't this considered inauspicious, first?
  14. From the main entrance door, I can see into the internal organs of the kitchen: Master Lee, frost up or white roller blind (outside on wall or inside kitchen) is good? The idea is to mask the lower half of the kitchen so that the internal organs will not be seen from the main entrance door:- Can also be fully covered.
  15. Slate is a natural stone and formed in layers. In opinion is not strong enough to take on the load of heavy vehicles.