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  1. Bathroom Oppsite the Bedroom

    Don't think it is an issue.
  2. Bathroom Oppsite the Bedroom

    1. The real concern (if any) is whether one is sleeping near a sewerage pipe. 1.1 For example, (see below), your bed is definitely not sharing the same wall as the WC as shown under marking in purple "X":- 2. If your dorm is on the ground floor; depending on where the sewerage pipe will flow towards an open sewerage system. If the flow is passing through your bed, less then ideal. 2.1 Also less than ideal if the bed is on a upper floor and the sewerage pipe runs like in the photo. Less likely as usually it will flow rom the red circle all the way down towards the ground level. And out sometimes as shown in the red line/arrow or to the opposite direction. 2.2 Just make sure that on a ground floor unit avoid sleeping above a sewerage pipe. (Again, up in the ceiling is not ideal, but alesser of a concern. 2.3. See below: Again, the emphasis is on the sewerage pipe(s). In blue is okay:-
  3. HDB Hougang Meadows

    This is how it looks like when mature frangipanni trees frequent shed their flowers and leaves. This is why frangipanni trees are often planted over graves. The fragrant flowers would often mask the smell from decaying bodies.
  4. HDB Hougang Meadows

    Not sure if one wants to call it a disadvantage; as the Frangipanni tree is notorious for shedding its flowers frequently. More so then it's leaves. Hopefully a baby or child does not place the flower(s) or leaves in their mouth as it can be toxic. Location: Bellewoods pool-side:
  5. Both Bellewoods clubhouse and Bellewaters ECs have similar child or kid friendly toilets: with a kid WC + sink. Although this is quite common in many shopping Centres, it is often never given any priority in most condos or ECs
  6. Another feature of a pre-year 2000 estate is that often, it has open car-park lots. And inevitably a central bin centre. Some of these bin Centres are combined with an attached Electrical sub-station or ESS.
  7. HDB estates built before the year 2000 had no precinct pavilions. Thus a funeral may be held just below the deceased block. As shown in this example: Petir Road estate. Today, depending on the size of each HDB estate or precinct; there are between 1 to 2 such Pavilions per estate depending on it's size. Thus an estate with 500 to 700 units often has 1 precinct pavilion. But another larger estate of 800 to 1,500 units may have two Pavilions.
  8. Lots more fountains.. The more traditional type: Round shape sitting on a cylindrical pedestal (red arrow):- This variant is similar to above. But instead of a rotating ball; water spouts 360 degrees from the centre circular mass:- Another close-up photo of the above:- Other designs..
  9. The owner of this landed terrace house opted for a light-weight gate. And it provides good ventilation into the house. The only drawback is that it afford less privacy, that's all. Actually, most homes prior to the year 2000 favours well ventilated fencing similar to above. But not as cool as this modern mesh design. Many today, opted for similar design as below. The gate does allow air ventilation plus provide added privacy:-
  10. HDB City Vue @ Henderson

    This HDB development comprise of enbloc settlement managed to retain all the 60+ years old Angsana trees at the fringe of it's development. Below: trees along Henderson Road
  11. Previously Singapore Turf Club Winning Lounge was at Selegie. Today it is at Connect One, Jalan Bukit Merah. Former HDB Centre. Come and collect your winnings!
  12. Case Study: Interested a home (landed / HDB / EC / condo) facing South? 1. Take extra care when considering purchasing a home facing South. 2. This is because most likely for such a home, the kitchen could either be at NE or NW sector of a home. 3. This unit's stove and sink are exactly on the True NW cardinal point:- 3.1. Fire at Heaven's Gate: Even if the stove and sink were to be switched, the stove would still be located at the True cardinal point of NW:- 4. What happens if the kitchen is at NW? 4.1. In many instances, even if the kitchen is at NW, hopefully we do not encounter a situation similar to the above. 4.2. Especially when the stove is at a true NW cardinal point. However, if the stove is not exactly at this cardinal point; we still need to look at each unit on a case-by-case basis.
  13. Lucky to get your advice. Felt blessed. Thank you very much
  14. I served most of my 2 1/2 years of national service in Beach Road Camp. Photo was taken sometime aroundthe late 1970's. Before Raffles City was developed. The camp's predecessor was the Volunteers Corps which later become the People's Defence Force or PDF. Today's PDF command had shifted to Clementi years ago.
  15. Bellewaters EC @ Anchorvale Crescent

    In my opinion, somehow the light tan Colour of The Central Rubbish bin door + no words; just a bin graphic tucked at the TOP right of the door makes it less obvious. Not perfect but so far a right move. Contrast this with the design at it's earlier sister development: Bellewoods which was developed earlier. The central rubbish bins had not only a larger icon; it was also placed lmore prominent at an adult's eye level: