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  1. At ground floor at the Alfresco facing PIE after Jalan Bahar. The car-park should act as a partial sound barrier .. not all but some .. I recorded the traffic noise coming from the PIE highway DA764EFC-3842-4591-A1FB-8F7B71DB5694.MOV D4B033F1-113E-4935-90F6-72D453672031.MOV
  2. Feng Shui of HDB Telok Blangah ParcView

    Food lovers; especially the noodles (mee) lovers will certainly look forward to these two stalls: Authentic Traditional tick-tock mee that one once to find selling them by the road side..with their distinctive “tick-tock” calling card .. by their clasping of two bamboo sticks together.. or the Hokkien mee. The stall is beside Labrador nasi lemark:- Rich thick but (unfortunately unhealthy) soup stock full of prawn flavour .. The Hokkien noodle stall is located somewhere near the Red arrow. The wanton noodles = green arrow. The other two stalls: Tiong Bahru Cantonese style porridge which used to also serve raw fish is in yellow. Unfortunately raw fish is no longer served. The other notable stall is the soya source chicken noodles in blue. These stalls are currently manned by their owners. Unlike many found in other Food courts where workers were hired instead.
  3. Feng Shui of HDB Telok Blangah ParcView

    Just T.O.P. The Multi-storey car park acts as a barrier between the Kong Hock Keng temple and Telok Blangah Parcview. Some unit really gets to see the greenery.. while some get to see the sea..
  4. Kwan Im Thong Hood Choo Temple

    If one is not a vegetarian, then food helmed by devoted sellers.. try this soup based Hokkien mee with lots of assorted ingredients at Cheng Yan Court.. Don’t worry about these chillies; they add flavour but relatively harmless..
  5. Kwan Im Thong Hood Choo Temple (Goddesses of Mercy) is one of the most popular temple. Located at Waterloo Street. A popular destination for the locals, the many vendors and tourists. Since this temple is centrally located with so many ancillary shops supporting it. Such as selling Goddesses of Mercy figurines, provision shops herbs and dried goods.
  6. Recent photos of Poiz Residences
  7. Wooden rice bins

    These stoves highlighted by the arrows are often really meant to be used in someone’s service yard in a HDB flat or behind yard of a landed property. The red ones are often ceremonial..for move-in purposes..
  8. Wooden rice bins

    Charcoal stoves at Jurong East.. For now this shop Joo Seng Siang Hang has plenty of them...(for now?). The shop is located in a HDB block at this Yuhua Village. In the next few years or a decade.. may be hard to purchase one. For info, these are non-red ones. And traditional were really used in place of an electric or gas stoves. All red glazed ones are more for move-in rituals...
  9. Dover Parkview belongs to the era where semi circular steps radiating out of each block’s entrance was popular in the 1990’s:- Another feature is an air-well only at the roof/TOP opening
  10. Another CDL’s project Coco Palms also most likely will TOP soon. Most likely in early 2018. Beautifully landscaped. Workers are putting up the finishing touch.
  11. d’nest Just T.O.P. Good that each storey’s central rubbish chute (for this development there are two: with an extra recycling bin) are concentrated within it’s own cubicle. Much like one sees in many HDB flats.
  12. HDB Fern Grove @ Yishun

    Just T.O.P. HDB Fern grove exterior walls are lime green + white. The rest of the photos that have brown + white exterior walls are that of it’s next door neighbour: HDB Park Grove MSCP CARPARK Block 676 has the distinctive planters as shown below:-
  13. High rise living and high rise 'litter

    Another visit to Prive
  14. Westwood Residences