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  1. Have a lovely (any brand) smart watch? Do take note of this: An advisory from Apple… Some straps contain magnets and may cause interference with Compass on Apple Watch.
  2. Case Study 1: 4-Bedroom Dual Key Type D3DK(p) - Blok 3 #04-08 Stove sharing the same wall as attached unit's bed-room / bed-head direction Landlord: "No worries, I am renting it out! LOL
  3. Come, come.... our new development comes with a new road "Northum Berland Road" I do hope my Ah Ma knows how to pronounce it " No Thumb Ber Liang Lor Ah!" Overview of Picadilly Grand Crudely, it can be called a "Left over plot of land" Location: = Used to be a Car park behind HDB Farrer Park View or a left over plot. Site Plan = Good effort by the developer to utilize an "ODD" plot of land. P.S. Next to an MRT station, Okay, this is not really Feng Shui.
  4. Level 1 - Arrival Clubhouse, a Childcare centre, Shops & FB + Bin Centre and a Sub-station
  5. $4.40 so, so. At Eunos Market & Food Centre
  6. Question: Regarding my mum's audited flat, ever since i put up the convex mirror, i seem to feel some improvement. Response: More does not necessarily means it will be better.
  7. Gourmet paradise, Vegetarian food, Basement Level $4.50/-. One of the best bee hoon noodles. On it’s own a marvellous pronounced wok Hei or breathe of wok flavour!
  8. Isn't it possible that once the kitchen also falls at NW, this can also affect the Male breadwinner. Thus it is not logically to say that the kitchen only affects the female (head) of the house.
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