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  1. One of it's major tenants is the Admiralty Medical Centre located Block 676 Woodlands Drive 71, Singapore 730676. Khoo Teck Puat Hospital's specialist clinics are moving to this building this month (July 2017). To free up space in the hospital in Yishun. From Diabetes care, eye surgery, general surgery, pharmacy, x-rax and ultrasound, blood and urine tests, rehabitation service, orthopedice and hand surgery, ear nose and throat.
  2. HDB East Crown at Canberra looks like is about to T.O.P. If one can hold-back, Chinese believe in avoiding opening the door for the first time during Chinese 7th month starting on 22 August 2017. Also try to avoid starting renovations during Chinese 7th month. But it is okay to start renovations before the 7th month and continue onwards during the 7th month.
  3. HDB Admiralty grove is expected to T.O.P. around three months time. And sometime during or after Chinese 7th month which stars on 22 Augus 2017. Many Chinese belief that one should avoid renovations during the 7th month. It is okay to start and continue during the Chinese 7th month.
  4. Seems almost ready. T.O.P. should be in a few months time. As Chinese 7th month starts on 22 August 2017, it is common belief to avoid opening the door and /or starting renovations during the Chinese 7th month.
  5. The icon Nangyang University entrance...1955
  6. This is the first time I personally come across such a scheme:- HDB Full Agent Services $2888 From advertising, viewings to documentations, our HDB full agent services are at a Fixed Rate with No Commission. Best to read the fine print if any. And do one's maths to see if it is beneficial or not....hmmm....
  7. These trees are from various other developments. when these tree matures, may be a potential poison arrows to either ground floor units or 2nd or even 3rd storey high or higher.. depending on whether the tree trunks rise to that level.
  8. However, if between the tree trunk and the unit are bushes, then it is okay especially for the ground floor unit. But if the tree matures and the tree (with its trunk) can be seen at 2nd or 3rd storey.. then these units better watch out!
  9. Palm Tree trunks may become a poison arrow if it is aimed towards a unit's opening such as the balcony sliding door glass area or windows. Which units may be affected? Please see the artists illustration. Units closest to these tree trunks are subject to potential threats if there is a clear line of sight between the tree TRUNKs and the unit's openings e.g. the balcony or windows. How to cure? Firstly, if the tree disappears.. then problem solved. If it is facing a window opening... installing a day curtain and drawing it permanently closed is a good idea. What happens if the tree trunk seems to slice towards a balcony sliding panel opening? This is harder to cure: as it is not possible not to open the balcony panels 24/7. Perhaps installing a zip-track or external blinds and lowering it down fully...may not be a good idea as it may mean making the balcony area dim/dark.
  10. A short clip of the traffics sounds. Taken from the common corridor towards PIE. Need getting used to for stacks/units facing it... IMG_7767.MOV
  11. I did an analysis of two units in this development. And so happens that the stove falls directly at the NW cardinal point. This is considered inauspicious and come under the term Fire @ Heaven's gate. Here, whenever one uses a flame stove; it is considered as burning luck from heaven. As well as affect the male's career. There are ways to reduce this...
  12. Unconventional layout of Stack 07 and 12 (4 Bedrooms + Utility + Yard 1. Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, it is less than ideal to have the kitchen sharing the same frontage as the living room balcony side. 2. Usually, the kitchen and service yard is on the opposite side of the living room balcony. 3. Amongst geomancers, this layout may generate some controversy. It all depends:- 3.1 What I feel is that it also depends on how one maintains the service yard. 3.2 Often we find many service yards of homes filled with washing machine / dryer (no choice) and subsequently, hanging clothes and turning it into a storage or worse "dumping" ground of ladder, pails mobs etc... 3.3 If a family seldom fry food then can be a saving grace. But if a family does "Heavy" cooking then this can affect the Feng Shui. As smoke from cooking etc... needs to be ventilated.. what more.. through the living room balcony side... Here, such layout plan is less than perfect... not perfect nevermind.. hmmm...
  13. Both The Vales at Potong Pasir and The Criterion is developed by CDL. These photos came from the recent T.O.P. Of The Venue. From the illustrations it seems that there are so many restrictions when throwing rubbish, My main concern is that I have seen some bins where rubbish were not bagged up. And this is one of the many requirements:- Another worrying concern is that a rubbish bag must not contain too much liquid waste. A no no on the signage says do not throw food with high liquid content. Wow! In all the signage, see below lists a total of 10 items that cannot be thrown into the bin. Often, I understand some residents may throw down bottles etc.. this is also not allowed. Nowadays, with some of the rubbish bins just outside some units and or at the passageway leading to the units. Should a jam of the pneumatic system occurs. Some residents would be forced to deposit their waste at the foot of such bins. Sometimes it may result in unhappiness of residents living beside or along the corridor leading to their units. Let's hope the suction system of these bins do really work well...hmm. In my opinion, this system seems more suited to offices than home. Time will tell. One fine day, a resident may thus request for a weighing scale.. to weight their rubbish if it is okay to throw in the bin... OMG!!!! P.S. Wow if it really works.. cost savings if the Cleaners are taken out of the removal loop... Let's hope they may not end up crawling into the system to remove the "jam"...
  14. Protactor readings showing majority of the stacks either face N1 345 degrees or S1 165 degrees
  15. There are two considerations: [1.] Common sense and [2.] The concept of symbolism. 1. Common sense 1.1. Common sense says that if we leave real sharp blades lying around UNLOCKED; And if there is a child or children in the home influenced by martial arts films. 1.2. May not see the danger(s) of playing such items. Thus based on common sense never leave such things in the open. Especially in the living room or any rooms with unlocked doors as an added precaution. 1.3. As your samurai sword is not a toy, it can still hurt if it is left open. Be it a child swings it or stab someone with it. 2. Feng Shui under the concept of symbolism 2.1. Under Symbolism, best not to display the sword in areas like the master bedroom. 2.2. It is still acceptable to place it a gym room or a study room. But best that it is placed high-up away from prying eyes or playful child (if any). 3. There is really nothing cast in stone, here.

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