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  1. Traditional Feng Shui and no such time as perhaps a fixed template...stuff...
  2. 1. Please note that you most likely went to the wrong forum: 2. Such practices works best under the faux Black Hat Sect.. not Traditional Authentic Feng Shui...LOL
  3. Soya Sauce chicken noodles... noodles flavoursome. Chicken tender but salty...at block 34 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee Extra noodles $4.50. Home made Prawn, Oyster and Pork cake...but not tried Prawn noodle also quite popular...but not tried
  4. Chinese charcoal stove. In the past this was a popular item. Nowadays, harder to find or purchase. Not like one can go to a supermarket to do so.
  5. Something similar to this works well: The advantage is two fold: reduce Sha qi and allows air into the home. Reference: Note: For some readers, please note the word “bomba” refers to the Fire and Rescue Service eg. In Malaysia.
  6. At location: A Vegetarian looks good. Still full... so did not order it. Location B: Looks good also.. Wanton noodles
  7. 1. Firstly as squarish a unit as possible:- 2. Preference is a rectangular tower block than a stacked development. 3. It also depends on the ba zi of the boss, compass direction (Eight House + Flying Stars).
  8. If not facing Hospital 3A generally should be acceptable.
  9. You wrote: However, that is just a showroom, not the actual property/house itself. Does that really matter? Frankly, subjective. Most importantly best to discuss with family if they ate okay or not with it. Hopefully not near to a hospital morgue. More of a stigma as it can also affect future resale value.
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