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  1. Includes an e-book on the proper techniques in finding the direction of a home/apartment:-
  2. This resource is also about help to select a unit at HDB Adora Green during the initial HDB sale launch...
  3. Congratulations! Just T.O.P. visiting soon...
  4. Case Study 6B: Potential Poison Arrow from the sharp corner of the corridor side-wall. 1. Illustration showing the sharp corner of the corridor wall / railing aimed towards stack #450 main entrance door/opening. 2. Purple arrow is aimed towards stack #448. 3. Below: Full illustration showing the two stacks/units in relation to the common lobby area: 4. The four (4) additional stacks are: #324, #326, #372 and #374 with similar concerns or issues. 4.1. Sample photo showing similar sharp corners aimed towards the main entrance door: 4.2 Two photos extracted from the above link. 4.2.1 Note: Above is not from HDB Garden Vines (in the event that it had T.O.P. Clue = photo taken sometime in the year 2011.
  5. Case 6A: Sha Qi from a long straight corridor leading towards the main entrance door(s) 1. It is certainly a surprise to see this type of block / corridor arrangement where a long corridor flows towards the main entrance doors. 2. However, there are still some layouts that are not exactly straight flowing but at a slight angle leading indirectly towards a main door. 3. I observed none at all from January 2019 till I saw this.. 4. A total of four (4) stacks have a long straight corridor leading towards their main entrance door: 4.1. The thin red lines is like a crude "waves" or disturbed qi:- 5.1. Above: Showing the corridor leading towards stacks #448 and #450. 6. In additional there are four more stacks with the same corridor layout orientation:- 6.1. Above: The four (4) additional stacks are: #324, #326, #372 and #374. 7. If you intend to have a habit of leaving the main entrance door opened majority of the time when at home... should consider looking elsewhere.
  6. Case Study 5: Common Bin Lobby (CBL) and near-by units 1. Where possible try to avoid purchasing a unit at stack #348 and #392. This is because the CBL is close-by to the frontage of the unit. 1.1 Of course, if the CBL is well-maintained and clean and tidy is fine. 1.2. But what happens if one has neighbours that dump junk and waste materials outside the bins. 1.3. For example, hopefully, no inconsiderate home owners dump or discard durian shells and eaten seeds at the lobby. Hopefully, the wind does not blow these smells towards one's living rooms and open bedroom windows at stacks #348 and #392.
  7. Case Study 4: Samples of Potential Poison arrow aimed towards a unit 1. The block layouts HDB Garden Vines ensure that there are many sharp corners of neighbouring blocks aimed towards a unit. 2. Frankly, I tried my best to locate as many such potential poison arrors. 3. However, as you can see the illustration below is a tangled web of lines and arrow. 4. Thus, if you can understand the methology, I am sure you may be able to spot another unit with the same concern...
  8. Case Study 3: If these zig-zag and jagged boundary is true than this has to be one of the weirdest "division" of property! 1. Luckily both plots: HDB Garden Vines and HDB Garden Vale are public plots of land. 2. Imagine if one day it becomes SERS or either plot sold to private developers, many developers would think twice about purchasing the plot of land. 3. Just imagine, if a developer of an EC/condo may have to spent lots more to install their boundary wall or fencing, here! 4. Truly, honestly, this is the first ever development in Singapore or for that matter in the entire world that has such a dividing line! Crazy! The planner of HDB Garden Vale must either be very drunk or intoxicated or most likely by now could be resting at IMH (Institute of Mental Health, Hougang). 4. Technically, if it is just drawn here as a virtual border, then really no issue. As even if there is a fence between the two plots; the sharp corners of such a fence is low. And often does not go up to 2nd storeys. 5. Most likely this stepped or jagged edges had led the planners of HDB Garden Vines to plan the blocks parallel to the RED border-line.
  9. Case 8: Is it a concern if my unit faces a school? 1. Two stacks #366 and #368 are directly facing a future school. 2. While stacks #338 and #340 is also facing the future school but closer to it's fringe. 3. It is good that these four stacks are a considerable distance away from the school and usually the classrooms along this stretch. 3.1. Thus, it is as far as it gets. 3.2. Some consider a school especially after school hours and during long periods of school holidays Yin = quite, no activity. 3.3. And living too close to a too Yin location is considered not ideal. 4. Other concerns include:- 4.1. Expect around 2 or 2 1/2 plus years for construction work on a school. If so, expect noise and dusts during this period. 4.2. It is recommended to purchase a unit that is at least 6th storey's high. 4.2.1. This is to avoid a potential poison arrow from the roof-line of the school slicing towards an openin of a unit: be it the living room windows or bedroom windows.
  10. Case 7: Units with a view of the Common Bin Lobby (CBL) or main door close to it 1. Under Symbolism in Feng Shui, it is considered inauspicious to see the CBL from the main entrance as shown under the YELLOW colour code:- 2. Best also to avoid purchasing stacks/units colour coded in RED = especially #481, #468, #490 and even #300. 3. Colour coded in Green is considered not perfect. But can be considered if one want to.
  11. Case Study 6: Is there an issue buying a unit close-by to an Electrical Sub-Station (ESS)? 1. Frankly, there is no known effects of even living directly above an ESS. 2. In fact for this development, the two ESS are a reasonable distance away from the stacks highlighed in yellow. 3. Thus there should be no excuse when it comes to a resale, here.
  12. Case Study 5: Advisable to avoid purchasing a low floor unit that may have a view into the interior of a Precinct Pavilion (PP) 1. The planners of this development did a good job to tuck both PPs at each end of the development with one side of it facing a road. 1.1. This means that there will be lesser units facing towards and/or looking into the PP. 2. Below: HDB Plantation Village where one of the PPs is wraped around Two Blocks: 125A and 125B:- 2. Here, whenever there are activities be it a wake/funeral = chants and religious ceremonies performed or say functions like a Malay wedding.. could mean some sound (noise) generated and spread towards the inner stacks/units of this two blocks:-
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