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  1. Young & moist water bamboo shoots from Taiwan These are a “cheap” delicacy popular with elderly Hokkiens. The outer covering are discarded and sliced ...
  2. Under Method 1: “around how much Tim will u be spending at our flat?” Reference resource:
  3. Black Hat Sect - Your input

    Update: 1. My previous reply was on April 2003. 2. This was really a long time ago. 3. Please note that although it is rare to find this key word in a modern site: `Black Hat Sect' or BTB. 4. However, many of the BTB practitioners did a superficial "PR" make-over. 5. Thus in my opinion, fewer and fewer of these guys/gals stopped linking theirs to BTB. 6. Today, if one goes to a website: 6.1. Usually it is in English 6.2. Vast majority in America. Even San Francisco, New York 6.3. The practitioner applies Fixed Template Ba Gua :- 6.3.1 And one gets to hear terms like North = Career corner, SW = Romance etc.. Yes, you have arrived at a Black Hat Sect or BTB lineage site.. These sites have not disappeared. BUT rather plenty of these sites exists. And are now Re-BRANDED! ACTUNG! (WARNING) CAVEAT EMPTOR (Let the buyer beware!)
  4. Conditional interaction help please

    Further to what I have mentioned, if someone who is a native to that culture would certainly go directly to the source and study past academic resources. This is why if we can do so; why should we go read second-hand stuffs of works like Eva Wong etc... And fit in to that persons style of “teaching”. Motto: It is good consideration to avoid “cut-and-paste” ideals of another” author. When we post this; do not always assume that others are on your same wave-length also.
  5. Conditional interaction help please

    In my Opinion, there are two major considerations: 1. Language barrier: many of the preliminary resources are in my native language: Mandarin 2. Country & regional influences: 2.1 Like you mentioned you only studied her work. And more or less into palaces or if I’m England they studied a variant known as 9 star ki. 2.2 The 9 Star ki originates from China. But transformed by the Japanese into 9 star ki. 2.3 I have studied this system. And say that it is very hard to combine Classical Feng Shui with that school. 2.4 You have to choose what may be easily available in your country and do more research in what suits you better. 3. No point in studying something which you cannot or find difficulties advancing towards or just for your home project. 4. If perhaps is your one time interest especially for this new house: frankly you might want to consider alternative approach to this. For eg. Hire someone... or if you have the perserverance.. read the various articles in this forum .. 1999 towards today... Well best of luck!
  6. Conditional interaction help please

    1. Frankly, it is best that you follow-up with the relevant person. 2. There are on hand many tools to improve Feng Shui luck available such as ... 2. Fix-the-leaks, first etc. etc... Good Feng Shui & Key Success Factor 3. "The Shapes (Shapes and Forms) prevail over the Stars (Flying Stars)" 4. First and foremost, hope you understand Shapes and Forms has to be the top consideration, first. Your question reminds me of this... 4.1 Holisitic approach to Feng Shui: https://www.geomancy.net/wiki/Feng_Shui_Triage 5. Furthermore, I understand that she belongs to the Yap Cheng Hai (YCH) School + Toaist influences which might (in my opinion) not coincide directly with the YCH Fei Xing main teachings - correct me if I am wrong.. 5.1 And locally, I received many feedbacks that many of her local Singapore past students: now themselves practitioners never take into consideration Ba Zi (or Four Pillars) of individuals, family. 5.2 I suspect is that majority of his students were not taught or if so, may have avoided using this addition Classical system to add to their arsenal of tools. Whatever, this none of my business. Thus this is just expressing my personal OPINION.
  7. The most unique outdoor fountain. The Photo does not do justice to this water feature. If one has the opportunity to watch this video...wow!
  8. Geomancy.net has the privilege of planning entire new Cities from scratch We plan police stations, Hospitals, commercial and residential and even MRT /LRT for neighbouring overseas clients An entire resort: And many more mega projects. How many have an opportunity to do so?
  9. Who says Geomancy.net only does house, commercial and industrial audits? Case Study 1: City Planning From: Central Business Districts, Housing, Commercial, Shopping centres, expressways, MRT, LRT, Fire Station, Hospital, Police station etc... Case Study 2: A full hotel resort by the sea Case Study 2: City Planning in Vietnam
  10. Re-visting The Linear Condo

    In 1966, Upper BUKIT Timah Road was the only road if one were to travel into Johore Bahru, West Malaysia. A clue was the distinctive rail line to the left of what is now The Linear. This railway line follows a straight path from Johore railway station towards the causeway, Woodlands (Mandai) and pass thru The Linear. Eventually ending at Tanjong Pagar.
  11. Re-visting The Linear Condo

    Photos taken today 17 March 2018 The distinctive Boat shaped roof-line:-
  12. Re-visting The Linear Condo I first visited this development when it first T.O.P. in 2006. (Freehold 999years). Today.. it should be around 7xx plus years. But still aplenty! The roof profile is a striking similarity to Marina Bay Sands! Or rather: If Marina Sands is a large luxury cruiser; this one is much like a private yacht. Flying Star Feng Shui puts this development as Period 8 either E1 (morning sun) or W1 (afternoon sun + expect traffic noise along this stretch of road).