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  1. Sample of a Comprehensive Feng Shui Audit at Waterview
  2. Pixelated Sample of one of the many Comprehensive Feng Shui Audits at My Manhattan
  3. Past Audits during T.O.P. Block 3 #10 Block 5 #13 Block 7 Stack #21
  4. Kimly Seafood Hor Fun also $4/-. Block 308 Anchorvale Road NTUC Foodfare Coffeeshop Hor Fun noodle is not aromatic. But whose complaining. As has generous ingredients and the most egg white gravy, ever today!
  5. Past Resource (2003 Illustration of a Partition)
  6. Past Review Layout Plan SANCTUARY GREEN BLK 191 STACK #01
  7. Previous Feng Shui Audit Layout Plan: Block 27 Stack #06
  8. Previous Feng Shui Audit Layout plan Block 67 Stack #01 (67 Hillview Avenue #XX-01)
  9. Our 1st generation Feng Shui worksheet done in 2005:- Blk 29 Stack 1 Block 33 Stack #23 Block 29 Stack #16
  10. Geomancy.net's First Generation Worksheet for on-site Feng Shui discussions:- Block 1 Stack #40 Block 3 Stack #24 Block 7 Stack #17 Block 7 Stack #19 Block 9 Stack #06 These are just some of the many Comprehensive Feng Shui Audits done at Gardens at Bishan. Not including many more re-sale reviews done after the above. All the above were done just after T.O.P. on/after year 2004.
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