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  1. Under Flying Star Feng Shui; under certain circumstances, best to avoid too many "greens" at a specific location: Extract of Case Study 25: Avoid too many plants at the living room balcony Legend: A = Balcony at SE has inauspicious Flying Star "bad wood" elements which represents Conflicts and Quarrels. Client insists on some plants. Told to avoid too many plants, there. B = This review was done in 2015. Client was also told the signficance of the current double aupicious #8's will expire from 2024 onwards. But for the moment, client wanted a water position. So asked where to place at marking C (see below). C = Client wanted to place a fountain. Marked the location for her. X and Y = Avoid opening the panel at location marked as Y. Since not practical for a partition. Source:
  2. Case Study: A Good Feng Shui design of a HDB layout plan This is an older generation of HDB flat where there is no straight path between an opening to the other side. As shown in light blue.
  3. 1. A typical Period 7 HDB 4 Bedroom home layout. 2. Where the main door opens towards a bedroom opening and towards a window opening. 3. Some clients, simply change the bedroom door to the other side. 4. Often, the bedroom window panel is not opened or the main door is not always opened is another possible solution. (Or bedroom door closed).
  4. A first for me...Honey glazed grilled watermelon
  5. 1. In general, currently, without looking at the Flying Star numbers (FSN), if one wants to place a semi-circular mat; the colour is grey. (It is not recommended to use other colours as mentioned earlier . i..e. via FSN. >>ii. If no, what other remedies aside from placing mirrrors above the door? Does placing Pomegranate plants in front of the door help? The ancient Chinese have a saying, “First Destiny, Second Luck and Third Feng Shui”. They believe that our journey through life is influenced primarily by our destiny potential and luck cycles. Para 1 has more to do with Feng Shui. But nothing beats the traditional "ba gua" war: conVEX with conCAVE mirror. What you are dwelling in has more to do with the second: Luck. Specifically Human/Man Luck. Thus the concern with someone "threatening" us such as placing the ba gua mirror, and the "fright of seeing a TRIANGLE" lowers one's human or man luck. Therefore, it is human nature to find something (else) or any other alternatives. Thus the semi-circular mat and perhaps placing Pomegranate plant(s) is an appleasement to SELF. Kinda of like a sense of security .... if so, so long as it boosts one's [your mum's - without telling her this] Human/Man Luck... then go ahead. Another Human/Man Luck symbol is the "Happy and Lucky" symbol is hanging the Chinese "Hong Cai" or Hokkien called it "Ang Cai". Reference:
  6. In my opinion, from 2024 onwards although #2 is considered the future prosperity wealth star, one has still to be cautious of it’s sickness connotation. Thus it would be safer to treat it as a timely star closer to the last quarter of Period 9. Which is around Year 2038 -2039 which is closer to these years. In essence, in Period 1, go ahead and safely treat it as a timely Star.
  7. 1. Frankly, it is not a triangle. 2. Most likely the family places a traditional writing pen to the left of the photo and a ruler to the right. 2.1. Somehow, this then becomes or resembles a triangle. 3. What is of concern is the 3/4 image of an actual ba Gua with a confirmed mirror at the centre. But hard to tell .. but it may look like a conVEX mirror? or a concave one. 4. The rest of the photo is to grainy or hazy to see.. whether the ones around the mirror are Trigram images or again many circular reflective images. 5. Frankly, this maybe the start of a “Bagua war” if you are hanging one... 6. This is the typical plain ba Gua with no Outer ring of trigram images.. meant specifically to deflect the neighbour’s Bagua mirror. 7. If the neighbour’s or especially if their Bagua mirror has a conVEX mirror, then use a similar one shown above but with a conCAVE mirror. 8. If the neighbour’s mirror is conCAVE, then there is another of the same as shown above with a conVEX mirror. Or buy a Bagua mirror like theirs but with a convex mirror.. if one cannot find the red one(s) as shown in my photo. 9. In the past, some had talked nicely to the neighbour’s. And some had brought down their mirror voluntarily. 10. Frankly, I am not a mediator.. if later your mum’s home places what I suggested. 11. And there are really bad blood or in today’s world; resulting in spats... that even the town council’s /police wash their hands... this is the risks one has to take. Unfortunately, knowing that our current civil service does not give emphasis on such things. 22. This technically, this is the traditional method. 23. Not so traditional is the use of convex Car mirror above the door. Again, sometimes may trigger the same response from such a neighbour.
  8. Not sure how useful. But if I am not mistaken... saw something like this for distribution to school children, correct me if I am wrong?
  9. Interlude: In my opinion, this has to be one of the best advice From Taiwan Experts... Hope China don't ban my website just because I shared this. LOL
  10. Really like these shots... Sorry, I was very busy with many projects. And since the COVID-19, wrote close to 8 booklets. Firstly, congratulations to your new home. High floor is a plus. Equally thanks for these set of photos. You have the East-West line which is one of the most convenient lines! And with lots of exchanges, it is a breeze to go anywhere conveniently-:) I believe you are still young, so got lots of opportunities to one day live in Katong-:) Unfortunately, with COVID-19, progress will be slowed tremendously. But most likely will still be within Period 8 Flying Stars. Not too sure for The Florence etc... Personally, I find this mosque "non-threatening" given that your block which should be closest to this mosque is relatively a safe distance away. And furthermore, not like your stack is facing it. This reminds me of the recent not too long ago HDB Tampines Greensprings which is really cutting close into the fabric of the mosque there. Anyway, as I mentioned, today's mosque is different. I remembered when I was young staying in my grandfather's Telok Kurau bungalow home, could hear loudspeaker from a nearby mosque blasting prayers at specific timing in a day. At least three times in a day. Nowadays, no more prayer chants. Well, Everyone, Stay Safe! Keep Well!
  11. I am glad that you like our reviews. There are three reasons, here. 1. There can be differences in ranking for different persons. 2. At the point of posting, my client could still be pondering over which stack/unit to purchase. And have left it as it is ever since. 3. For those who had selected purchased a unit there is "History" already. So no need to see where the ranking is. 4. In fact, I got at least 8 or 9 other rankings at this development. A few zoom into ranking of three stacks etc... And based on these three major considerations + Shapes and Forms Feng Shui:-
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