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  1. Fried rice (This one): claims that it can clog arteries and gives a heart ❤️ Attack? Don't believe?
  2. Charms.. for "protection" 24/7
  3. Fernvale Woods and near-by Fernvale Lodge with Chinese temple..
  4. Most major approach to solutions use this:- https://www.geomancy.net/wiki/Feng_Shui_Triage Feng Shui also need to do some sort of "homework", also. If no choice; have to wait and see /monitor
  5. Another Hong Kong style charcoal roasted meat stall @ 447 B Fernvale Lodge...
  6. Would you sent your child 👶🏻 to a pretty "toy-land" look kindergarten?
  7. These are some considerations: 1. Feng Shui is about earth luck. For example the existing home. And not the potential new home. 2. Most likely, there must be some inbalances in your existing home, this year.
  8. Just T.O.P. Stacks/units facing Clementi Ave 6 expect traffic noise. Stacks/units facing MRT tracks expect some noise + Nan Hua Primary School assembly area ...anthem... A plus is that the interior walls are solid.. and not dry walls👍🏻.
  9. Photos take on 26 April 17... TOP soon... And the temporary closure of Joo Chiat road for one year for the MRT station
  10. Previous ranking exercise of The Criterion EC
  11. The plus about Symphony Suites is its no frills 11 "point-block" flats. Although sterile and the 11 blocks are close to each other; BUT at least there is some gap between one block to another. Good for qi flow around each block. No frills and minimal balconies unlike most of todays developments that had oversized balconies but smaller bedrooms.
  12. Don't count on this.. but could be a possibility... = IN GREEN Anything can happen in the near future during General elections... but some how... still got to pay for it... P.S. Fat-hope... no such thing as free. At most pay to TOP-up the lease... and it depends on the generosity of the government...
  13. North-South Canberra MRT station finally under-construction...
  14. Few That are new in District 15. Feng Shui also does not take into consideration proximity to an MRT station especially when they are underground and zero noise affecting the development.

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