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  1. #SGBlooms2019 We’re seeing more showers of flowers in various colours! Swipe left to see blooms from the Bougainvillea, Tiger Orchid, Trumpet Tree, Yellow Saraca, Cat Claw Ivy, Bintangor Bunut, Malayan Crape Myrtle, Sandpaper Vine, Common Sterculia, and Pink Mempat. Share what you’ve spotted around Singapore as well. Don’t forget to mark them as “flowering” in our www.trees.sg interactive portal.
  2. If don’t see, it is implied, thanks! Just too many developments.
  3. Yes stack 183 has afternoon sun. No, the kitchen is not at NW for this stack.
  4. Frankly if you do have doubts, (real or unreal) many others also will also have such concerns. Thus, in the Long term, when want to go for a resale, may have issues.. similar with your doubts.
  5. Brand new HDB. Cannot sell until the 5th year. But can I at least help sell your existing home? No? How about I Recommened a renovations contractor? Other services? Can, can, can?
  6. Case Study 5: Fortunately, Although I have a hungry mouth, it is not facing towards any unit. LOL [As under symbolism in Feng Shui, it is inauspicious for such a mouth facing our home.]
  7. In September 2019, HDB launched Punggol Point Crown nearby to this development. Here is a link to this new BTO site:-
  8. Punggol Point Cove was actually launched in August 2018. This is considered as re-offered balance flats:- The link for HDB Punggol Point Cove is as follows:- https://www.geomancy.net/forums/topic/16761-hdb-punggol-point-cove-bto-launched-in-august-2018-do-you-know-that-the-architect-for-this-development-loves-fishes-no-kidding/?tab=comments#comment-36780
  9. Reference Resources for review:- Introduction Tampines Greenglen.txt
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