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  1. NKovan Food Centre Chai Chee Prawn Noodles A first for me! Using supermarket plastic bag sealer Wow who does this? Pride in their work! Neatly stacked cut-in-halves prawns... one of the tastiest prawn noodles around in Singapore
  2. Cecil Lee

    Buying hdb with a long vacant unit beside.

    Further to the above: You wrote: “The current owner of the unit i buying. Then the owner place a very big mirror in the living room facing the vacant unit. “ Actually, in reality, the mirror still face the inner walls of the unit. Thus perhaps that unit’s sofa or living room area. Originally, I understood your statement as both unit’s door face each other. And the mirror was placed facing the vacant unit’s main door. This is usually the case. Especially with the use of a mirror above the door. Or a convex or flat mirror onto a bagua mirror. Or even a simple flat mirror above the door.
  3. Cecil Lee

    Buying hdb with a long vacant unit beside.

    Thanks for posting the layout plan. At least now we know what is the actual situation. In my opinion, at this point in time, I strongly believe that the previous owners/tenant place the mirror usually to look at themselves before going out. And not to make like the home seems bigger. These are some of the considerations: 1. The 101 of Chinese Religious practices: “Secure the home!” 1.1 As you have not mentioned whether the main door or even the service yard/master bedroom windows have any protection facing out of the unit? 1.2 If so, this is the norm. Of how the home would be SECURED or protected from “evil spirits”. 2. By the time such a mirror; and if only this mirror is placed for protection... too late already! 3. Let’s say even if the mirror was meant for the resident’s protection, this may not be the proper thing to do. A mirror is often used by many Feng Shui Masters to “correct” a missing area”. For the above reasons, therefore I feel that the mirror is more for checking self before going out.
  4. We need to start somewhere. Shall we start with this one...
  5. This is one view point:- Accused: "What? You think this is 1940 in Nazi Germany or what? Crowd: "Who cares! Just Hang Him!" Subsidiary Proprietor (SP): "This makes my day!" LOL
  6. Cecil Lee

    Buying hdb with a long vacant unit beside.

    Only the principal knows what they are talking (or writing) about.. Understanding how to avoid the mechanics of miscommunication... or "Catch no ball" For example: Under the current topic.. a photo is nice but still do not give the feel factor...
  7. Cecil Lee

    Buying hdb with a long vacant unit beside.

    Lets hope not one of these:-
  8. Cecil Lee

    Buying hdb with a long vacant unit beside.

    "Catch No Ball" LOL These are some considerations: 1. Under Compass School Feng Shui, the age of the development is taken into consideration in calculating the qi within the interior of the unit via Flying Star Feng Shui. 2. Nothing beats on-site to get a feel of the situation. As frankly, only you may know exactly what you are talking about. Without a proper Triage how to? Reference: https://www.geomancy.net/wiki/Feng_Shui_Triage 2.1. As after reading, the vacant unit is to the right left, facing your potential purchase unit. Or do you need to open the door then can see the unit. 2.2. Was the mirror placed there all along or recent etc.. Feng Shui Triage:
  9. What is AR? Verifyable: World's Oldest Feng Shui Forum. Proudly made in SGP for the World!
  10. Actually the Bedrooms that face North [Stacks shown in White}, will never get WEST sun. Learn why:- They get indirect EAST or rising sun or morning sun. This is fine by all accounts. Translated to "No major issue, lah!" By afternoon, no longer “hot, hot, hot”. How about me! Mine is Block 149A stack #23... "Let's pray that afternoon sun does not soak into the master bedroom wall. And equally, in the future, the empty plot to the left of my development has blocks that help to shield the wall..." Passer-By over-heard: "Hey! Whose going to pray for you! If you want, go pray by yourself!" LOL LOL LOL
  11. Cecil Lee

    HDB Hougang Meadows

    Location: Near/beside Block 204C Compassvale Drive Unlike many other trees that hog the airspace... look how bright and airy the ground below the trees. Contrast this with trees like the mango etc... that makes the ground below it too yin! One can even look through the tree and see the other side clearly! As a tree with sap... no insects... no ants or termites would ever go near it! Even for mosquitoes... no where to hide! The frangipanni vs another tree with thick cluster of leaves:
  12. Breaking News! The mastermind planner of this development finally caught!
  13. Part 8: A total of six 2-room Flexi (Type 2) main entrance door has a view of one of the common bins. From my past experience, this is most likely the recycle bin:- Stacks 506, 508, 526, 528, 560 & 562:- Frankly not serious but can be a stigma especially if either relatives, friends and even later outsiders who have a interest in the future to purchase a unit at Fernvale Vines.
  14. Time out...Go ahead and post such questions: The questions will fall into a black hole and never see daylight ever... So don’t waste your time... Got it? Get it? LOL
  15. Time out... Please avoid doing this... think before posting a Question: Still want to try your luck? . . . Erh.... why waste your time?