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  1. Full onsite Comprehensive Feng Shui audit discussions Thank you for the fruitful sharing, Master Lee
  2. Today’s mutton curry looks nice but so bland
  3. Lelong, lelong, the entire Car park is for sale at People’s Park Complex Sorry, please don’t click on the PLAY button. This is just an image…
  4. Case Study 2: Period 9 Flying Star Feng Shui Majority of the stacks faces either N2 or S2. With only three facing NW3. Secondary workings
  5. If you want to do so more like a "comforter" or feel good or like a baby sucking a pacifier for comfort = "to feel good" Look at it this way.. majority of 1 bedrooms and 2 bedroom condo units have similar open kitchen concept such as yours. From what I see, or been to or reviewed many staying in such "studio" or open kitchen concepts, not perfect but many do not have any issues (if any).
  6. For a change… lots, lots of snake eyes plants… And money plants
  7. Curved or sloped (triangular) cabinet.. but applied to the the kitchen cabinet
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