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  1. Frankly, it seems like your neighbour is just giving the grille gate a fresh coat of paint. And most likely black seems to be one of the logical colours. Since it can last longer. Given that black colour often masks stains otherwise very visible if it was of a lighter white / beige or silver colour. As these are quite neutral colours, there does not seem to have an impact on the Feng Shui. Not unlike someone suddenly paints especially RED, BLUE or YELLOW. If none of these colours are used, one can simply thus say that Feng Shui does not micro-manage this.. or it....
  2. Hi Master Lee, can I check with you, if the house number is not very good, can anything be done to make it better?
  3. Koufu Commonwealth $3.50. Not too bad with bites of crispy anchovies. A pity, too much gravy sauce. And too much vinegar else acceptable. Forced to take small bites…
  4. Take a look at this video.. this type of digital letter box lock canbedefeated by strong magnets https://m.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR1dYgSjPHA1TWwsJtrXyEQlPTjr_ZhX-HK_ip4y0CRJkbIeQEVbfXiHN1k&v=aWI7GCguxQg&feature=youtu.be There was a comment that says that this is Fake news. Please exercise due diligence!
  5. Thanks for the fast response. Appreciated. Sorry for making you work so late.
  6. Just T.O.P. (Partial) Photos mainly from Block 33 Margaret Drive Distinctive roof-line of Queenstown National Library… Left: former Polyclinic. Today shifted to Stirling Road
  7. SERVICES ======== Selection of Auspicious Dates for First-Time Open Door/Move-In/Start of Renovation - SGD $68 PAYMENT OPTIONS =============== 1. You can order online:- URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/product/41-selection-of-auspicious-dates-for-first-time-open-doormove-instart-of-renovation/ NOTE: The default pricing on the website is USD, click on show pricing in SGD for SGD pricing. 2. Or pay directly Credit Card Payment via:- https://www.geomancy.net/payment/?amount=68 3. Or PayNow Bank Transfer Mobile: 97853171 Paynow Name: Cecil Lee INFORMATION REQUIRED ==================== 1. Need the owners info (if single) or both owners & spouse info:- Name / Gender / Western Date and Time of Birth (if Lunar must clearly as such) Name western is fine as this is for Feng Shui not name analysis. 2. Time of birth can be given between: 1 to 2.59; am or pm 3 to 4.59; am or pm 5 to 6.59; am or pm 7 to 8.59; am or pm 9 to 10.59 am or pm For example:- Cannot be between 2pm to 5pm thus should be either:- [ ] 1pm to 2.59pm or [ ] 3pm to 4.59pm 3. Date Range of when you plan to move in (ie Jan 2021 Dec 2021). 4. Whatsapp +65 98355734 or If via e-mail to: support@geomancy.net Let me know via sms/whatsapp once u emailed so that I can monitor it (just to make sure there is no missed communications due to spam/junk mail filters etc). Thank You. My brother Robert (+65 98355734) handles this, so he will follow up with you.
  8. Purchase of auspicious dates for 1st time open door, start of renovations and move in… Hi Master Cecil, your brother has contacted me. Thank you for the fast response
  9. Source and Credit: mynicehome.gov.sg (My Nice Home by HDB) 1. This is a useful guide by HDB on how to select anchors based on the weight of the item you are hanging on a HDB unit's dry wall. 2. Includes Installation methods. 3. Minor Repairs - with various ways to fix a damaged dry wall HDB-Drywall-User-Guide by mynicehome-gov-sg.pdf
  10. Sometimes stigmas come from personal experience! True? Case Study 3: This is not directly Feng Shui. But personally, I don't like living in an "afternoon" sun home. 1. In fact stacks 117 and 133 unfortunately is as close to directly facing the afternoon sun. (Even if it faces a park = don't want) 2. While Stacks 119 and 135 gets the afternoon sun at an acute angle + the master bedroom wall may soak in heat and ooze out in the evening. 3. Imagine also if one were to Work from Home WFH and/or having children study in their respective bedrooms or even at the living or dining room. Sucks! 4. Of course if can afford turning on the air-con daily "Clap, clap, clap". However, the utilities company will love it! They can collect more $$$. 5. In directly, living 24/7 in a "hot house" may sometimes make family members so uncomfortable that unfortunately tempers may flare up more frequently! 6. Don't later complaint and say this house got BAD Feng Shui. As we have more quarrels in this house then in our previous home! Related:
  11. These two photos shows the wrong method to take compass readings of a home: There are just too many metallic interference. Even unseen and embedded into the walls
  12. Case Study 4A: High floors preferred for stacks 540 and 542 these two stacks living room directly faces the entrance/exit to the HDB Parc Glen development Case Study 4B: This entrance/exit is not so bad. But if possible avoid low floors e.g. #02-515
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