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  1. HDB West Scape Flying Stars of 5 Bedroom type: N1 = 1501 SE1 = 1507, 1509, 1511 & 1513 NW1 = 1515 & 1517 NE2 = 1525 & 1527 SW2 = 1529, 1531, 1533 & 1535
  2. V on Shenton integrated development comprises a 54-storey residential tower - V on Shenton and a 23-storey office building. On a narrow plot. Considered as an “earth” building.
  3. Please lower your voice after 10pm. Location: 150 Bukit Batok St 11
  4. A circular fence planter makes this home look like aged. As it was popular ten or twenty years ago. For the sake of modernisation; this home had covered it up.. work still in progress. What this does is there is no longer any colours .. especially if plants flower. Plus equally important is that it allows air to flow into the home from that completely walled up area. This is what it would have looked like. Photo from another home:-
  5. My 2012 Brompton & Dahon Classic

    Another stylish unusual bicycle stand design. A pity that there are few of them. As a result, may not be sufficient at all... Location: The Panaroma @ Ang Mo Kio
  6. The Panorama

    Door numbering is exceptionally Low and placed next to door handle. P.S. For privacy have masked out the unit number.
  7. The Panorama

    Common rubbish bins
  8. The Panorama

    Just T.O.P.
  9. Trees

    Squirrels are equally favourable ... generally means a good location.. 28 Shelford Road.. Erh.. how about a raccoon? oops!
  10. Aristolochia gigantea Aristolochiaceae Giant Dutchman’s Pipe A robust vine from Brazil, the Giant Dutchman’s Pipe is so called due to the unopened flower’s resemblance to an old-fashioned smoking pipe. When in bloom, the large showy flowers (20cm wide) emit an odour which attract insects such as flies for pollination. Stiff downward-pointing hairs inside the flower prevent visiting insects from leaving, which deposit pollen on the stigma situated deep in the floral (perianth) tube. The insects escape when the hairs are relaxed as the pollen are released. Flower of Aristolochia gigantea, showing numerous stiff hairs for trapping pollinators Photos: Edmund Chia, Lai Simin
  11. Based on Shapes and Forms and Five Elements concept Feng Shui: Kallang Riverside can be considered as a water element development. This is because of it’s distinctive wavy roof TOP plus also the wavy reinforced concrete (RC) roof lines at the lower part or “skirt” of the development. Water = wavy Earth = rectangular In general, call it a water element building. It is also not wrong to classify this building as a two combination: Water + Earth Element building. As the majority of this single development is rectangular in shape. With some add-on wavy flavour.
  12. Dakota Crescent is a ghost town. Ready for redevelopment. Most likely the last set of photos that I will ever take of this iconic development. Majority of the close-up photos are of a single 7 storey block : 2 Dakota Close Some of the windows are opened. Rest assured, no human beings are staying in these vacant units:
  13. Hard Hat event at Marina One East Tower... for a large corporate client...
  14. This modern home also opted for fine wire mesh. Airy but at the same time provides some privacy.