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  1. Is it ok to place artificial flower on the dining table? Under the Holy Trinity of Chinese Luck system: 1. Earth Luck = Feng Shui = 33.33% 2. Heaven Luck = Born with = 33.33% 3. Human or Man Luck = Feel good factor = 33.33% Feng Shui does not micro-manage to the finest details. Feng Shui is more about location, location and location factors. What you are looking at has more to do with Human or Man luck or feel good factor.. Like, your personal likes for colourful and beautiful flowers. Common sense. This has nothing to do with Feng Shui. For example, unlike an office with an enclosed eco-system filtered by air-con system. A home e.g. dining room area is generally open area. Thus if one places this bouquet of beautiful flowers.. perhaps sitting there gathering dusts... surprisingly your food may taste unique or better... get the picture😊 And really, money cannot buy such a taste!
  2. Cecil Lee

    Heart of Katong and the distinctive Red House

    Peter Wee’s Katong Antique Pernakan House
  3. Another one...yucks!
  4. Thanks master cecil for taking the time to our house 🙏🙏🙏🙇🏻‍♂🙇🏻‍♂🙇🏻‍♂
  5. Cecil Lee

    HDB City Vue @ Henderson

    Visited on 15 January 2019
  6. Cecil Lee

    Salt Water Cure

    Salt water bottle
  7. Cecil Lee


    Trees are not by itself Yin. But rather: For example at MOUNTBATTEN Road, this mango tree matured and grew too huge .. covering nearly all the home’s compound! As such the compound and frontage of the house becomes too yin. No MING Tang or bright Hall effect. While the house’s immediate neighbour with trees such as the Frangipanni tree or Palm trees etc... are more appropriate for the size of it’s compound
  8. Sign says Closed until further notice... What do you think this means? Hmmm It has been around Katong for at least 50 + years or more!
  9. Boss. Thanks. What a detailed breakdown. God blessed you.
  10. Many new condos today have one single drainage at their balcony area...
  11. I have a photo of Peter Wee’s Katong Antiwue house in the next thread:-
  12. So far everything had been smooth. After the last rd you came, we both received a promotion. Career smooth.
  13. Cecil Lee

    HDB Anchorvale Plains @ Sengkang

    Photos taken on 12 January 2019... almost ready!