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  1. Source & Credit: Turf City site in Bukit Timah to have up to 20,000 homes, with heritage structures kept as part of new housing estate This is the first time in almost 40 years that public housing has been planned in Bukit Timah, said Minister for National Development Desmond Lee.
  2. Source & Credit: The new Turf City MRT station on the Cross Island Line will be located.
  3. Singapore also has a variant of this design Source & Credit: Especially in some MRT trains where alternate train coaches are for standing crowds only…
  4. HDB to pilot flats without walls partitioning living & bedrooms in Oct. 2024 BTO exercise HDB will offer 310 units of this flat type in Kallang-Whampoa. Source & Credit:
  5. AS WE ENTER PERIOD 9 FLYING STAR FENG SHUI FROM 2024 TILL 2043 WHICH UNITS ARE LUCKY? Part 1: How is the luck of the Internal Feng Shui of this unit? Part 2: External Feng Shui luck? Part 3: How suitable is the unit - Frontage, Kitchen & Main Bedroom? PART 1 = 35% Depends on the Internal Layout & Sectors - How Lucky? T.O.P. 2014 There are FOUR facing directions for this development: N2, N3, S2 or S3 Good, Better, Best! N2 & N3 = Better luck under Period 9. From 2024 till 2043. +++ The Rest! S2 & S3 = Less lucky under Period 9. As formerly double #8's at it's frontage had now become Past or Gone Luck! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ But also need to review/consider the individual Internal Layout Plan & this is just part of the many considerations in a home purchase. However the above does not take into consideration things like: Kitchen/Stove at Inauspicious Fire @ Heaven's Gate or Poison arrow aimed towards the unit, proximity to common bin etc.. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ ++++ PART 2 = 35% Location, location, location? Sha Qi? Poison Arrow? Watch Your Front, Sides & Back! POOR SCORE? THESE ARE SOME CONCERNS: Sha Qi or Poison arrow(s) from Sharp Corner(s) 天斩煞 (tiān zhǎn shà) = Tian Zhan Sha etc... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ ++++ PART 3 = 30% How Suitable to breadwinner? Please note that has yet to take into consideration: 1. How suitable is the unit to the main breadwinner & 2. External Shapes and Forms of the unit TOTAL SCORE = 35 + 35 + 30 = 100% Get Expert Help: ++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++ How do you Feng Shui your home? Use your front door? Who are the Conservatives & the Modernist? Applies to Homes that previously T.O.P. between Years 2004 to 2023...
  6. We can meet at McDonald’s too. Was thinking of treating you, hence suggested Izagara.
  7. Source & Credit: Raining cement… From Nanyang Opal construction site…
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