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  1. Further to what I mentioned, another powerful influence is "stigma". 1. Sometimes, even if we ourselves are receptive to living in close proximity to a hospital. 2. In many instances, one need not be living close to a hospital! 3. Being able to see a hospital as far as a few kms away may be a turn-off for some. 4. For example, HDB DBSS Adora Green has several stacks that have a clear view of the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH). 5. Often, I got private messages asking me.. is this a bad thing? 6. Frankly, it is difficult to influence another person's bias, fears or stigma. 7. Thus in doubt, look elsewhere! 8. As utimately, purchasing a home is not cheap. And as HDB flats have depleting leases, it may in the near future translate into poor resale or no resale of the unit or low-ball offers!.
  2. Again, I empathise with you. Please also understand the purpose of this forum....
  3. 1. Although I can empathise with you on your plight. 2. But seriously, please be realistic. 2.1. Just because one can post messages to a forum, does not mean one can post..... 2.2. Furthermore, based on the 12 Habits of Feng Shui, not even the 1st habit has been considered... 3. The First Habit of Feng Shui which is a very important one!... 4. Other matters: 4.1. Not too long ago, I know of a couple who had stayed in an upscale condominium in Bukit Timah. 4.2. They were at WITs ends when their concealed wiring particularly in their utility room also had issues. 4.3. Surprisingly.. the cause were termites... ! Perhaps, yours could be other issues... 4.4. Your situation may not be similar to this issue. But hey! Again, Triage can be applied to many other things. Not necessary in the medical or Feng Shui field.
  4. An experienced client who is again taking up my service to check on a potential new home at a condo development... Client:” Preferably weekend evening as I need to check west sun also“
  5. Using the protractor method to get an accurate compass readings. Of course, cannot do without an accurate street map. This street map uses the data.gov survey map.
  6. China’s pork shortage puts dog and rabbit meat back on the menu in rural communities
  7. You will see that my replies are short. Finally, Sorry what is the purpose?
  8. The kid swallowed a coin.. Just watch how professionally a doctor extracts it, while another hospital might even perform a surgery and empty the parent's wallet.
  9. Fernwood Towers Flying Star Feng Shui under Period 7. (T.O.P. 1994)
  10. I believe that Real Estate agents will be around for many years to come. As there will always be a need for a go between for most people: buyers and sellers. However, looks like the field is tightening especially for the more common transactions related to HDB flats, ECs and condos. Here, the rental market... This is one of the examples.... I saw advertised on Facebook will browsing it... P.S. I don’t know this company or ever used their service. Just curious that there is such a service...
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