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  1. Hey! I am in a hurry to Lexus Hill...showroom... Buying... LOL
  2. 1. Frankly, everyone of us experienced this in our Primary, Secondary &/or Tertiary days. 2. The reality that any class, there are always the top students, above-average, average and below average ones. 3. In essence, even a good condo development... does not automatically mean all units within it will get to enjoy good or identical Feng Shui. 4. Thus, there are always the good, the bad and the ugly units. 5. Extract from Geomancy.net's Blog resource: P.S. In many large corporations, staff are often also graded using the bell curve principle. Therefore for many adults (salaried workers) they are influenced by this concept for the duration of their employee careers. [With the exceptions of Towkays] 6. Feng Shui is equally influenced by this bell curve principle. 7. As mentioned earlier, Feng Shui is not also not one size fits all. My advice on FOC Feng Shui is to rely on one’s instincts + bring along the kids. For the feel of the place. Most of the time, one would not be wrong.
  3. Case Study 3: Geomancy.net's mastery of Water Dragon Classics is put to good use in evaluating developments with canals, rivers and pool water locations. Caricatures showing illustrations of the Water Dragon classics.. For Can or Cannot buy at HDB Tampines Greenvines, stacks facing an open drainage also looked at in my reviews 1. These four stacks 26, 28, 30 and 32 have a facing direction of Flying Stars SW2 :- 2. For a SW2 or 225 degrees facing: it is very auspicious if the drainage water flows from RIGHT to LEFT of the living room (frontage area). Or when standing inside the living room looking outwards: excellent if drainage flows from R to L. As shown below:- 3. But if the drainage flows from LEFT to RIGHT.. then Oops! Below: where the water flow as shown by red arrow(s) is inauspicious for stacks 26, 28, 30 and 32:-
  4. As much as we see, Geomancy.net has great web presence built up over the years and is seen as one of the SG market leaders in residential house audit.
  5. The reason for having 5 parts is that there are just too many illustrations if they are all placed in one forum thread. Part 1 of 5: Ask "Must I buy from YOU?" Part 2 of 5: We could have made millions but refused to do so Part 3 of 5: More Illustrations on Fake Feng Shui Part 4 of 5: More Illustrations on Fake Feng Shui Part 5 of 5: More Illustrations on Fake Feng Shui
  6. My wife forced me to divorce, her. No choice, lah.. Be warned: Ask: Must I buy from YOU?
  7. Master. if we put wall art/poster with frame at dinning area and/or living room above sofa. Is it fine? Got requirement of how many piece is allowed? Sorry until now still have question as we are still not complete the reno yet. Reply: Dining: no animals or birds. Must not split dining table into two. For example avoid two art pieces on the dining wall Living room sofa flexible...
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