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  1. Yes there is a missing corner. You wrote: Is it bad fengshui for this apartment? Reference: https://www.geomancy.net/wiki/Feng_Shui_Triage
  2. This is not as bad as my earlier illustrations.
  3. Clusters of bamboo and banboo stumps. Some of the stumps have cavities. And potential for mosquito breeding.
  4. 6 new Build-To-Order (BTO) projects launched in February 2017 Northshore Cove and Waterway Sunrise II in Punggol Clementi NorthArc Clementi Peaks Tampines GreenBloom Tampines GreenFlora
  5. This Coffeeshop at Canberra, Sembawang made offerings of Five(s): Five generous cups of coffee and Five cups of tea. Here, they are praying to the Five gods: North, South, East, West and also to the centre god or god if the earth = 5 gods
  6. Poison arrow from clubhouse roof-line. When I visited The Botannia @ West Coast recently; The trees have grown so high that they are higher than the roof-line of the clubhouse. As such, the sharp lines of the clubhouse roof-line no longer pose a threat to the 4th storey units...
  7. Poison arrow from hanging lamp post balcony light (Self-inflicted poison arrow) or "score own goal"
  8. School of Manpower Management was formerly housed in Seletar West Camp
  9. 1. This is considered as 16 steps. 2. Outside or outdoor steps are considered as " Nice-to " and not a Must-do.
  10. This "new A marking" Another main consideration is the walls (of any) and the flow of Qi Here, after a re-look; IF there is no wall at marking A to allow Qi to turn to B; then it should be 16 steps and not 17th. Further more,if there is also no wall directly opposite marking B to force Qi to flow to B; again it should be say 16 steps. These were not considered in my earlier reply.
  11. Please refer to illustration: Blue arrow = step 1 If both A and B pathway tiles looks identical even if slightly different material then can be considered as "flowing" or added as a say "17th". But if the Colours of A and B are so different then A should not be counted.

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