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  1. Cecil Lee

    City Gate @ Beach Road under construction

    The area has not changed much with the mosque and St John’s Ambulance Brigade, showing in the 1966 streetmap. Beach Road has expanded. And Java Road where City Gate is today has been absorbed by Beach Road. The land has also been reclaimed.
  2. Thank you for reading this:-
  3. Part 6 - Sharp corner of a block/stack becomes a poison arrow only if it is aimed towards an opening such as a window of a living room or bedroom(s). 1. Whenever blocks/stacks are not aligned parallel to each other, there may inevitably some potential poison arrows. 2. Please note that the list below is not exhaustive. For example: stack 1317 has a sharp corner aimed towards 1299. Stack 1313 has a poison arrow aimed towards stack 1283 etc...
  4. Part 8: Sha Qi from Strong winds and block layout 1. Good news is that hopefully one don't often get very strong winds blowing from the direction of the Red arrow towards stacks #214 and/or #216. 2. If so, during frequent windy conditions; this can affect both the luck and health of the occupants of these two stacks:- 3. See Below: Although it looks similar to the above. Fortunately for stack #150 the interior is enclosed by stacks 118, 106, 108, 110 and block 640A. Thus although I have drawn the wind trail lines.. stacks like 150, 148 are a NON-ISSUE:-
  5. Part 7: Other forms of Sha Qi from block layout design 1. Some geomancers consider stack 126 as a poison arrow aimed towards stack 80. 2. Technically it is correct to say this. However, it has more to do with the flow of qi or simply in a windy condition wind can be forced between stacks #126 and #128 and since especially stack #80 is exposed, too strong a wind can affect health and wealth luck of #80 and even #82:- 3. No major issue if there is no strong winds blowing towards either stack #80 or #82.
  6. Part 6: Potential Poison arrow from stack #88 to #52 is by far the closest proximity or threat. Thus by far this is considered the worst case so far: If the sharp corner from stack #88 aimed towards an opening (a window) of #52. Much harder to cure if it is aimed towards a living room window. Potential Poison arrow from #48 aimed towards stack #02 Potential Poison arrow from stack 76 aimed towards stack #20
  7. Part 8: Potential poison arrows from stacks #290, #262, #246 and #330 1. Potential poison arrows occurs if there is a sharp corner aimed towards an opening such as a window. Much harder to cure if it is towards a living room window opening. Potential Poison arrow from #290 aimed towards #290 Potential Poison arrow from #262 aimed towards #230 Potential Poison arrow from #246 aimed towards #240 Potential Poison arrow from #330 aimed towards #360 2. Potential Poison arrow from #401 1-Storey child care centre's roof-line or corner if any towards stack #362. Good news is that most likely if a unit is 2nd storey or above. 3. The above are not comprehensive. But a quick sampling that I did to illustrate what is meant by potential poison arrows in this development. 4. This is because, whenever blocks/stacks are not parallel to each other; there can be a concern of a sharp corner from a neighbouring block's corner.
  8. Part 7: Shapes and Forms Feng Shui and Service Road 1. Although a service road is often not that busy; one stills gets some disturbance of qi over at the "mouth" of this opening. 2. For example, I have provided an illustration in Red, Pink, and Grey the flow of vehicle traffic within this service road. 3. It is good that the ground level is a VOID deck. 4. However, to play safe, it is best not to purchase a unit especially#02-248 and #02-246. 5. To be on the safe side (or being Kaisu), best to purchase a unit higher than #05 if one wants to consider either stacks #246 and #248. 6. Unlike the above, although stack 358 below has less than perfect Shapes and Forms Feng Shui due to it's location at the cross-road of the service road; 6.1 The good news is that it is set-back further inwards when compared to stack 248 which is so close to the fringe of the service road. 7. Let's look at another development which is also launched at the same time: Tampines GreenVines:- 7.1 In this development, the slip road into development is at marking in RED "A". And not directly at the frontage of a stack/unit. 7.2 For example stack #208 is further inwards from the entry into the estate. This is a plus. When compared to above Para 1 & 2. 7.3 In addition, stack #236 is slanted at an angle and not directly at the "mouth" or marking in RED "B". of the entrance to the estate.
  9. Part 6: Precinct Pavilion (PP) and Electrical Sub-Station (ESS) Higher floors preferred for 254, 256, 262, 264, 266, 268, 312, 314, 318, 324, 326, 332 & 334 as these stacks face the Precinct Pavilion. With the exception of stack 318, which has the service yard side facing the Precinct Pavilion at block 401C. Although there is no known dangers of Electrical Sub-station (ESS); there is still a stima association with living near-by to an ESS. If so, best to skip the purchase of stacks like 284, 286 and 350 or 352.
  10. Part 5: Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, it is less than ideal to have the main door in-view of the central rubbish bin corrider and especially the bins These stacks/units are 250, 266, 268, 288, 312 & 314. With stacks such as 288 and 314 are some of the worst as the central rubbish bins are literally at their door-step.
  11. Part 4: Male Breadwinner and the inauspicious Fire at Heaven's Gate 1. Do a search in this forum for " Fire at Heaven's Gate ". 2. Generally, a kitchen especially if a stove is directly at the NW cardinal point will be inauspicious for the male-head of the house. Typically this can affect him. 3. This is because NW under the Ba Gua Trigram belongs to the Heaven (sign). And NW also represents the male-head elder of the house. 4. Thus in simple terms: turning on a stove at NW will burn one's Heaven luck = not lucky and also may affect the male-head elder's career. 5. It is thus not difficult to visualise South facing stacks and try to locate stacks with kitchen at NW sector. Especially Flying Stars S2 facing ones. 6. Thus for this development HDB Fernvale Dew, I picked one example. Here, stacks #246 and #250 as shown below has the kitchen within the NW sector:- 7. Unfortunately, the above two examples are just the Tip-of-the-ice-berg for this development. As there seems to be plenty of South facing stacks with similar kitchen at NW sector.
  12. Cecil Lee

    Martin Modern by Guocoland

    Advertising for Martin Modern on in May 2018 screams: “Buy Me! Buy Me!”